04 September 2014

Syrian Rebels' Homemade Weapons a Curious Mix of
21st Century + 11th Century (B.C.!) Technology:

gasoline-charge mortar in action

Yet hard to not be impressed by some of the ingenuity displayed here...

remote-controlled-by-wire robotic machine gun

Light fuse before firing (!)
modified-shotgun  grenade launcher

remotely-operated mortar, firing via video came controller 

behold the Jeep-Propelled Gun

FSA fighters prepare to fire improvised rocket launcher against
government troops from a position in Old Aleppo

Rebels gather unexploded shells dropped on them by
pro-Assad forces daily, then proceed to make pipe bombs
and Hamas-style indigenous rockets-

The FSA is utilizing an iPad app coupled to construction
laser-survey equipment
 to aim artillery at Syrian Army positions

monstrous 'Hell cannon'

rockets/warheads made from propane canisters/metal water pipe

casually smoking (!) in secret, underground munitions factory

grenades waiting to be tossed

catapulting homemade bombs at government troops
just a block or two away

OLD SCHOOL: another improvised catapult

gun pulled by decidedly un-camoflaged little Chinese car

round of molotov cocktails, on the house (or wherever else they happen to land)

Free Syrian Army fighters use smartphone compass to help aim a
local-made AA weapon near the Menagh military airport

And the top-of-the-line for the 2014 FSA Motors lineup would be the 
SHAM 2, a homemade, windowless 'tank', which is controlled by a driver watching just a flat screen inside the armor, via external cameras- not bad for a bunch of otherwise archaic yahoos:

driver's view inside the Sham 2

These contraptions remind one of the narco-tanks created in 

recent years by the major Mexican cartels...