07 October 2014

Like Many Late-War Nazis, ISIS Soldiers
Cranked-Up on Meth as They KILL KILL KILL

Just when you thought the blood-drunk ISIS couldn't possibly become more repellant or damaging to this world, now 'The Islamic State' in Iraq and Syria is producing its own meth (and ecstasy) in recently-captured pharmaceutical plants in order to earn hard-currency from exports, ala North Korea... 

If it wasn't worrisome enough that ISIS had taken oil fields and captured piles of gold from a Mosul bank, consider that now they're adding lucrative drug manufacture/export- making the group more economically-independent by the day. Human trafficking, sales of sex-slaves, pirating online and off all continue to widen ISIS's base of revenue and make them harder to stop
(especially with Obama's half-effort pin-prick air raids),
even if all their Sunni Arab backers were convinced to back-off for good.

Rather than attempting to grow poppies and produce/sell heroin -which is common money-maker for such militias in parts of Syria/Lebanon/Afghanistan- ISIS is utilizing newly-acquired industrial assets to manufacture their own product in their very own factories... the Iranians claim drug-trafficking has already become ISIS's chief source of income.

And while next-door China is the Norks' primary market for illicit drug exports, ISIS is actually working to penetrate the faraway US, working hand-in-hand with vicious Mexican cartels enjoying our all-but-open SW border- great. 

See the synergy Obama regime policies bring?

Furthermore, there is clearly substantial organization and sophisticated fiscal planning for such a bunch of lunatics: ill-advised underestimation of our enemy is clearly not working for the United States/UK as a strategy to this point. While our president makes token gestures and strongly-worded statements, ISIS is diligent, resourceful, and utterly determined to disembowel each and every one of us- Allah willing. If you are American and somehow still feel safe with Obama as CiC, you either aren't paying attention
-or ought to have your head examined.

Conservative Treehouse

And it gets worse: Nazi Germany's advanced pharmaceutical industry developed the fore-runner of today's crystal meth a long time ago, which was utilized widely to keep soldiers/pilots awake and focused while staving-off hunger, especially in the late, dark stages of the war. The label on 'Pervitin' warned it was only for 'occasional use', but that didn't stop many from getting utterly hooked on the stuff, even writing letters home begging for more. 

But for anyone familiar with the bizarre, warped, and violent behavior use of the highly-addictive drug can produce, it really doesn't sound like something we need being combined with Islam... like mixing nitroglycerine with plutonium just to produce the most scary crap imaginable. 

That's just what a former top DEA agent saying on Fox yesterday, that ISIS jihadis are now being plied with meth as they kill, rape, and chop their way across the Middle East, as were many of the worst SS officers when they committed atrocious war crimes. And ISIS's killing sprees are beginning to make the SS look like a bunch of girl scouts.

Odd such a harsh, dead-end drug being used by supposedly 'devout' Muslim recruits so casually, but conquest and subjugation is all Islam ever really stood for anyway, the rest is negotiable just as long as you deliver gains for the cause. If you need a few thousand numb, efficient -yet disposable-
killing machines... meth makes sense from a management standpoint.

Now, whatever meth they don't use will soon be on it's way to US shores as they crank-up production over there (pun unintentional)...
just keeps getting better, doesn't it.

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