29 October 2014

Ted Cruz Op-ed: 'A NEW Time for Choosing'

This fresh piece by Senator Ted Cruz marks the 
50th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's historic speech:

Fifty years ago America faced a choice very much similar
to the choice we face today.

On October 27, 1964, a clarion call was heard across the nation. America faced a choice, a speaker told us: We could either “abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves,” or we could reaffirm our belief “in our capacity for self-government.”

That man was Ronald Reagan and then, as now, it was a time to choose.

Today, the threats are every bit as dire. Over the past six years, individual rights have been attacked from all corners. In my home state of Texas, the City of Houston recently subpoenaed pastors, ordering them to surrender their sermons to City Hall. Powerful leaders from the White House on down have sought to take away Second Amendment rights from citizens all across America. Senate Democrats are supporting a constitutional amendment to repeal the individual right to free speech enshrined in the First Amendment. The IRS has illegally targeted Americans for their political beliefs.

The list goes on, but one thing is clear: The Obama administration, and the Democratic party as a whole, has shown an unprecedented disregard for our most fundamental freedoms.

At the same time, for many, the American dream seems to be slipping away.

The Obama economy has left millions of Americans who want to work without a job or the chance to earn better wages. Due to the lack of opportunities, young people have been forced to put on hold their dreams of paying off college debt, starting a career, getting married, owning a home, and having children.

We must be free to succeed again, and that begins with giving people the ability to earn a living.

Today, America has the lowest labor-force participation rate we’ve had since 1978. A record 92 million Americans over the age 16 are neither working nor looking for work. And Obamacare only makes it more and more difficult to make ends meet as employers have been forced to cut hours, jobs, or wages. Moreover, the average family is paying $3,000 more for their health insurance than they did before Obamacare was passed.

We are suffering the consequences of the misguided Obama–Clinton global strategy, too. The notion of “leading from behind” has allowed tyrants and terrorists to pursue ambitious plans unthinkable six years ago...

continued @ The National Review

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