17 November 2014

Boehner Apparently Learned Well from
'Best Friend' Barack How to Control
and Run His Party Like a Chicago Machine Boss

The House Speaker scored another glorious victory over intra-party democracy with his secret meeting to ram-through the re-election of the whole existing Republican 'leadership' last week, including himself of course...  

The 'voice vote' conducted was a far more controlled -and apparently intimidating- atmosphere than last time (in the halls of Congress on the first day of the new session in January... where it's supposed to occur,
out in the daylight for all see). 

Boehner and his feckless, ineffective team were dubiously reelected with a
99% unanimous vote from the incoming congressional Republicans (even the Castros don't pull #s like that) in a move blatantly designed to be snuck-past the party base before they know what happened. And he did just that- suddenly there it was, in the headlines the next morning.

Johnny Boy knows we've been calling for his (orange) head for months, and that constitutional conservatives were anxiously awaiting the earliest opportunity to eighty-six his co-opted, cowardly, and lazy posterior.

Worse yet -at the same time he's talking a good game out one side of his mouth about how he's going to 'fight tooth-and-nail' to stop Obama's threatened Executive amnesty- in the closed-door meeting he was reportedly saying almost entirely the oppositehe wants Congress to take another vote on Amnesty -he'd like to do it- while if failing that, he'll then simply acquiesce to the reckless, lawless president's illegal/immoral/unconstitutional EO.

It's not hard to picture Rep Boehner telling the US Chamber of Commerce
'Let me handle these rubes in the Tea Party' while he continues to carry water for their bottomless-labor-pool immigration agenda, which the 'progressive' left is allied with for entirely different purpose, medium-long-term electoral scheming. The Chamber of course doesn't care if the the GOP is eventually regulated to permanent minority status in this country by all this, they'll just flip over to supporting the Dems once that appears to be more beneficial to them.

Alas, it was clear to at least the people in the room at last Thursday's shady GOP meeting that Boehner means none of the promises he's been making to conservatives re. restraining Obama on (lawless) amnesty declarations.
And ex-cuuuse me for thinking the November election result was not an endorsement of continued Boehner-Obama (back-room) collaboration on establishing open borders!

That's why when Reince Priebus was promising (prior to the election) to stop Obama on amnesty, he hedged by claiming that those opposed to
Amnesty-Lite measures like, say 5M green cards, were 'getting into the weeds'- he needed to leave the door open so the Republicans can deliver whatever they're indebted to the US Chamber for.

But don't think the Tea Party won't fight this- we're still here, and if we weren't these same boobs wouldn't be running the US legislature today. They still have to confirm the GOP leadership vote with a formal 'vote' in January... maybe we need to try and disrupt that, there's still time.