29 November 2014

Don't Worry Mom, I'm All Riot

AMERICA: a Banana Republic Without the Bananas  -DougRoss

FERGUSON'S NATALIE DUBOSE: A Victim of "Social Justice"  -DougRoss

Personal Responsi-damn-bility  -iOTWReport

You’re Never Going To Hear About Gay Rapists... 
Unless They’re Priests  -iOTWReport

Hydro-electric Dams Now Deemed Bad For 'Climate Change'  -Pirate's Cove

Ferguson Protesters Wave Commie Flags – Hand Out Commie Leaflets
– Chant About Revolution  -Gateway Pundit

Medal of Honor  -Proof Positive

Wild Bill: Do not despair...  -Adrienne's Corner

Comprehensive History of Catwoman  -Goodstuff

A Boy and His Parrot...   -Woodsterman

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