26 November 2014

Doug Ross Tax Audit Coming in 3-2-1...

Blogger Doug Ross -founder of BadBlue News and a favorite of conservative hero Mark Levin- has gone from semi-famous in the conservative world to infamous amongst those in the ironically-named 'progressive' movement... 

-and NOW even the White House, as he's proudly made Obama's enemies list, according to a message from a Holder Justice Dept. hack, as revealed in a recent Friday document dump.

Seems Eric 'With' Holder was caught lying by CBS rogue-reporter
Sheryl Attkinson, Doug Ross, and others when they discovered the AG was briefed on 'Fast n Furious' a full year before he had previously claimed...
while the scheming White House was talking to him about it the whole time
-of course- a fact both he and Obama specifically denied in past. 

The heinous crime that has our country's leadership hatin' on him? Ross the blogger dared to post a truth inconvenient to this bad faith, serially-dishonest regime... that's all it takes these days for an amateur journalist writing on a personal blog like him to be deemed a state 'enemy'- as if we were living in freaking East Germany or something.

I suppose the only thing more sickening than this country's emerging dictatorship is a continued lack of outrage from Gee-Oh-Pee 'leadership'
-along with large swathes of our brain-dead populace- that enables Obama to continue wreaking havoc... lazy, shallow, self-absorbed people who feel
no responsibility to know what's going on, even less to do anything about it-
might as well just kick back 'til they come for you, eh slush-heads?

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