15 November 2014

ENOUGH ALREADY: Deport Kardashians to Armenia

Today I'm reading the Saturday New York Post, and there's still a front-page story on KK's booty exposure -days after the repellant publicity stunt-
THEN the next 'big' story is what her sister thinks of what she did:
'If you've got it, flaunt it', says Kourtney... 

Yes, it's difficult for even the most fervent First Amendment advocate not to feel the need to deport the all the Kardashians and scrape American media clean of any reference to 'news' regarding these people, which was never anything more than chewing gum for the mind anyway... the flavor is gone in 30 seconds, then on to the next garishly-pink stick. 

What an embarrassment to the country, really- THIS is the face of America the world sees: Europeans surely have no idea who our diplomats are, but they see these cringe-worthy nothings and what they're up to every damn day.

Bubble Yum & Bubble Dum

The mainstream British papers are even worse than ours with the cheesy celebrities (today they have a piece on Kim K having 'her first hot chocolate')- small wonder the Europeans think we're simplistic, shallow, and 
self-absorbed, that's most of what they're seeing from us. Shame on them too for spooning-up this ceaseless tripe, but from the American perspective, it was much better when they thought we're all like Clint Eastwood or something- provided a general deterrent effect if nothing else.

And as much as it pains me to say so- the Islamists have a point about America's crude, lowest-common-denominator 'instant celebrity' culture, too (even a broken clock is right 2x/day).

Supposedly there was a 'fatigue factor' about to put an end to the Krazy Kardashian era long ago... but they're still here. And Armenia could use an industry, any industry- so let them market these twits to the world.

Klassy Kim flaunts 'West Virginia bankroll'

Americans can surely find something better to do with their time than follow the Kardashians' outfit changes- and must: a Hollywood-tabloid culture that celebrates some slob who's done nothing with her life but develop a giant, mutant posterior, leak a sex tape of herself, then marry the most delusional goofball she could find has a lot to do with how this country was able to elect a president with little more qualification than any one of these idiot Kardashians would have offered.

Sorry dumb people with no life- you're just going to have to find something else to do (like help us salvage the country, perhaps):

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