13 November 2014

Most US Economic Reports are Fluffed-up BS,
the Economy is Barely Growing...
and Voters Have Finally Figured It Out

After years of being mesmerized by Obama's considerable 
lying skills, Americans now blame the White House 
for both lack of jobs and cooking-the-books

Like James Carville once said, 'It's the economy, stupid'... presidential candidate Barack Obama was surely well-aware of this factoid when running in 2008, too. And JC was right, you know- exit polls in our recent midterm election confirmed it yet again.

But this is what really makes one despise the Obama regime: instead of undertaking a good-faith effort to provide voters with what they obviously want (and were promised a long time ago) -jobs and prosperity- the neo-Bolshevik Obama crew knew well that their plans for government takeover of health care and various Robin-Hood-redistributions would wreak havoc with our already-feeble economy.

So not only did they pretend to share sensible/traditional economic ambitions with the rest of us, Obama and his minions then misled intentionally re. the results of their own deeply-damaging policy for years... 'no pain, no gain' for socialism, but 'you slack-jawed yokels are too simple to get your mind around that,  so we'll just stroke you while we ram it down your throats.' 

This was surely premeditated, right from the start: aware that their stealthy little revolution would deliver poor economic results by any sane, capitalist measure, the Obama WH, US Fed, and political hacks at the top of most fed agencies long-ago conspired to cook the books on unemployment and various economic metrics in order to win elections and take credit for things that aren't even happening.

And rather than question the administration's dubious figures -as would have been the case with any previous president- the MSM press just shirked their duties (and shook their pom-poms) while slandering any uppity hayseeds 
too stoopid follow the Shining Path (i.e.Tea Party).

But the only thing this sinister administration has ever 'achieved' economically is to pump-up statistics (to support an untrue narrative) by recklessly bloating the money supply... thus the utter disconnect between Wall Street and any actual prospect in this country. 

Worse yet, after 6 years of this, and with little real economic gain to show for it (except for the top 1%) - they really don't know how to stop printing money without crashing the US $/economy.

Yes, the US oil industry is doing surprisingly well (pun unintentional) on it's own -despite ceaseless hostility from the White House- but the fact is that there is precious little growth in the type of companies that create good-paying manufacturing jobs- while billionaire Obama pumpers in the booming tech industry seem only interested in hiring foreigners.

Entrepreneurship and small-business #s are a bit harder to fudge- maybe that's why there's no denying that the establishment/expansion of small businesses -long the real engine of most job growth in this country-
has completely tanked.

A major Wall St hedge-fund manager summarizes the statistical fantasy-land created by the Obama Administration as such:

  • Fake growth: The US economy is growing moderately.... but it’s not growing as fast as the government would have you believe. The Commerce Department recently pegged third-quarter growth at a 3.5% annual rate — but earlier this week, some real numbers came out. Our exports declined in the third quarter and construction spending was weak. So that 3.5% guess will probably be revised down to a 2.9% annual rate on those numbers alone. ... If inflation were measured correctly, GDP growth for all years might be 30% lower than reported.
  • Fake money: The $4 trillion the Federal Reserve printed under quantitative easing that has resulted in millions of regular folks not getting much interest income and, therefore, they’re cutting back spending. That’s why the economy is weak.
  • Fake jobs: The Labor Department adds hundreds of thousands of jobs a year to its count for positions it thinks, but can’t prove, are being created by new companies. This practice, which has gone on for decades, needs to be investigated. On Friday, Labor is expected to report job growth of 230,000 for October. That figure will be boosted by another heaping serving of job guesstimates.
  • Fake financial stability: The artificially low interest rates are not only propping up banks and Wall Street profits but also making the US government’s financial position look better than reality. If Washington had to pay market rates for the money it borrows, the US budget deficit and debt levels — already excessive — would be worse.
  • Fake inflation numbers: Commerce doesn’t only play tricks with the inflation number used to calculate the GDP. It also tamps down the consumer price index — and cheats Social Security recipients and others.

Unemployed persons fortunate enough to find a job these days are likely now manning a fryer or drive-through window, while the Democrats move on to the next chapter in 'fairness' by promising these displaced schlubbs $15/hour so they can live off (what used to be) an entry-level job ad infinitum.

Sadly, the ever-calculating White House saw little downside to this
'print money/lie-and-stonewall' strategy: they blamed Bush for as long as it still worked, kept up the smiley-face propaganda re. Obama 'achievements'
(in the face of obvious contradiction by reality) while handing-out welfare money in any form imaginable, supergluing the nation's industry and (unemployed, demoralized) people to the government teat for good, so they literally can't afford to vote Republican, even if they wanted to.

That was the theory, anyway. Fortunately a majority of the electorate has
at-long-last woken up and started to wonder whether re-introducing mass poverty/serfdom is the greatest idea... the direction we're headed in doesn't seem the slightest bit American.  

The lingering, primary question -since last week's historic GOP victory nationwide- has been 'Is it in time'... nobody really knows, but it's gonna to take one helluva hard yank (starboard) on the wheel to right this thing.