10 November 2014

Mullahs Call for 'Annihilation of Israel' Following Obama's Secret Letter, Claim BHO's About to
Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations With Them

Maybe we need to know -and right now- what the utterly misguided and reckless White House is up to, scheming together with Tehran these days- seems like a disaster-in-the-making to crown all others, but Val and Barry saved the best for last I reckon...

Can you even believe this is your country and your president, getting in bed with these repellant monsters? And behind all our backs! 

Any Republican with a full set around to stand-up and question just what Obama's chatting about surreptitiously with this menacing Islamic dictatorship- a sworn enemy of the United States?

Although the Obama State Dept. denies it, Tehran have themselves admitted they're dealing with the White House on an array of issues right now 
(at undisclosed meetings in Azerbaijan)- with priorities for the Iranians apparently being diplomatic recognition and protection of their unsettling nuclear ambitions in some sort of grand bargain. 

It's said that the US side feels the need to gain help in battling ISIS expansion in the region -a genuine overlap of the two country's interests- yet you really have to wonder what Obama is telling the Iranians about their nuclear program, etc. when the Ayatollah himself goes right on twitter promptly afterward with detailed plans for 'the elimination' of Israel:

And 'here's how ya do it'-

Perhaps our own president -who's all about 'tolerance'- would like to explain what his new friend meant by that?

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