18 December 2014

Obama's Bumbling, Stumbling America Loses its
First Cyber War to a Hotel Room Full of Nork Kids

As Newt Gingrich noted yesterday, the surrender by Sony Pictures to a shadowy group of North Korean hackers has set a chilling precedent...
just wait 'til they grab hold of one of our nuclear plants
(like the Israelis already did  to Iran)...

BIG defeat for the US and Japan here, and a terrifying incident, to be sure (that's why they call it 'terrorism')- so now this little tinpot-nothing-of-a-country has substantial unchecked power/influence right inside the United States of America? Can you imagine Ronald Reagan/Cap Weinberger letting this go down without KJU being made to seriously regret it?

Of course, Obama was too busy strapping-on-the-kneepads/bowing to grizzled octogenarian commies in Havana to be concerned with Hollywood's Sony Pictures being brought to their knees -involuntarily- by some other commies from Pyongyang. And what's the difference between these two vile, failed, and oppressive regimes, really?

Remember how Obama was portrayed as this really modern, high-tech president when he and David Plouffe were exploiting social media to put/keep them in power? NOW that we need them to drive technological development
-fighting cyber-terrorism emanating from an utterly hostile state - he's somehow suddenly absorbed in ill-advised dealings with the Castros
(for no pressing or beneficial reason I can even imagine).

Our technological masters (nice mouse)

Willing loser Obama will explain-away our defeat at the hands of North Korea with some droning, hollow horseshit, point a finger (in some other direction that his own), and do nothing, in all likelihood. After all, DHS have got their hands full bussing-in illegal immigrants, while the CIA/NSA are probably too busy compiling lists of TEA partiers to be rounded-up when his (orchestrated) martial law hits. Shame that Ferguson ran out of steam, but there'll be other fires to stoke.

The (victorious) North Korean government hacking squad is said to have teens as young as 17 working to attack/control computer systems belonging to Pyongyang's 'enemies', both real and imagined. These geeks-for-socialism are known as Bureau 121, engaging in what's known as 'The Secret War' against primarily South Korean, Japanese, and American targets. The program employs over 1800 'soldiers' in all... and it appears they're just getting started.

DPRK Bureau 121's top hacking squad reportedly is headquartered 
at the Chilbosan Hotel in nearby/cross-border Shenyang, China

With a major cell operating out of a hotel just over the border in China, the program attracts the North Korea's very best-and-brightest, with relatively high pay and status for the Hermit Kingdom. Defectors revealed that the group has pounded-away at South Korean sites for five years now. Worse yet, the Norks have been working on violating military computer systems for quite some time too... unsettlingly, nobody really knows how far they've gotten with it.

Alas, the bottom line is we are very, very vulnerable to even a small, impoverished regime like the DPRK -who actually resorted to the strategy out of necessity (brought by military weakness)- so hard not to wonder what the Russians are going to unleash on us now that the wounded bear has backed-itself into a corner, bleeding- they've got zillions of hackers, and have been messing with US banks and other institutions already. Russia is now just another failed, angry dictatorship with an axe to grind (and on a budget)...
so expect the worst from Ivan, going forward.

Perhaps President Obama would find it most easy, immediate, and
-most importantly- beneficial to his own ruinous political/personal agenda to just surrender to North Korea and establish relations there, too-
why not, you traitorous f#&$%.

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