09 December 2014

The New GOP Congress Should Open-Up Yucca Mountain and Promote the Use of Nuclear Energy

After four years of battle with opponents of safe, economical nuclear energy -basically same dummies closing down our coal industry (Obama, Reid, et. al.)- the large federal nuclear waste depository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada was recently deemed 'safe' by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...
so why not get going with that, then?

Nuclear energy is simply wonderful in my view, and only real green kooks like the German left are walking away from it. Not even the tsunami disaster at Fukushima, Japan has scared them away from utilizing it... Tokyo knows the 1964, single-walled reactors were outdated and risky, and unlike anything you'd find in France or the US these days.

Modern nuclear plants are very safe, and GE in fact generates substantial income from international sales of it's advanced reactors. The French and Russians are the primary competitors, and what a great export business it is for the United States as well. Shouldn't we be utilizing -and further developing- our impressive nuclear technology here at home? Why should anybody else buy American if we don't?

The US of A is expansive, works hard, and plays hard... the country is sprawling and designed-for/built-upon cheap energy.  WE NEED trucks, SUVs, and other large vehicles, not insane 50 mpg diktats from a clueless White House.

We need Hemi Challengers too- this is America, dammit.

Can you imagine expanded fracking, oil shale, construction of the
Keystone XL pipeline... in addition to more inexpensive, clean atomic-generated electricity?

And it wouldn't be surprising if this all lead to an economic boom, driven by cheap, nearly unlimited energy... even perhaps a general resurgence in manufacturing/export competitiveness.

Maybe this is something Boehner and Musty Mitch have got the gumption to get done... make yourselves useful for once, will ya-

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