02 December 2014

Uh... WHAT Quran Has Obama Been Reading?

In The Audacity of Hope Obama writes “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” In the history of this country when have you ever heard a president say he stands with any religion. Even Bill Clinton convinced us he stood with this country. We have a president who stands with what some call a cult and others call Islam. We can not have a president putting anything before our country especially Islam.

Some Muslims claim the root word of Islam is “al-salaam” which is “peace” in Arabic. An Arabic word only has one root. The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” The Quran not only calls Muslims to submit to Allah, it also commands them to subdue people of other religions until they submit to Islāmic rule. If Obama stands with Islam he considers every American who is not Muslim to be an Infidel. Maybe that explains the arrogance and complete disregard for this country and its constitution. Why hasn’t he or the Muslim Brotherhood stood up to the pedophiles of ISIS? Could it be their prophet Muhammad has been accused of being a pedophile?

It’s been reported that Muhammad married his favorite bride when she was the ripe age of six. He then consummated the marriage when she showed first signs of puberty at nine. A little girl who gets her first period at nine is just a little girl with her first period. She is a child and that consummation is nothing more than rape. 

Let’s talk about this religion of peace when it comes to women. Quran 4:34 states that you can beat your slaves and beat your wife. I don’t think Obama could handle that one because my bet would be on Michelle. Pay Per View would pay good money to see that ass whooping. 

One of the many disturbing things about the Quran is 65:4, which states you can rape, marry, and divorce pre-pubescent girls. If Obama is in love with the Quran does this mean he doesn’t have a problem with the pedophiles of his faith? 

There is no need in trying to get an honest answer because the Quran 16:106 has instructed him to lie to promote Islam...

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