09 January 2015

European Far-Right Poised for BIG Gains in the
Wake of Demented Jihadi Massacre in Paris

Now that another cell of Islamist kooks have shown themselves to be at war with the entire West (and Israel), it seems the PC tripe Europeans have been fed for decades (by the European political elite) ain't cuttin it: a military-style assault with Kalishnikovs right in the heart of a major Western capitol makes clear to any thinking person that these maniacs would kill every last one of us, given the chance...

Most obvious political beneficiary of any reality brought by yesterday's gruesome slaughter would be the Front National, which recently won France's election for the EU parliament (Euro-skeptic, anti-immigrant) and already holds 13 mayors' offices in the country, as well as a couple of French parliament/couple senate seats. A recent poll showed Marine LePen polling a full 15 points (nationally) ahead of the current (inept, Socialist, douchebag) president, Francois Hollande.

But the French right in general is expected to prosper, setting the stage for a Sarkozy comeback. He is the one actually leading presidential polls
-just ahead of LePen/FN- and will be marketed as a more nuanced and seasoned alternative to Front National taking power, a reality some still fear for various reasons. I really don't mind Sarkozy, and he's a good friend of the United States and would be a huge improvement on the current commie clown.

Germany of course has been experiencing a surging anti-Islamic-terror, anti-flood-of-immigrants movement before yesterday's unspeakable tragedy, with demonstrations staged in cities throughout the country. Angela Merkel -who I respect and admire in some ways- has for some reason decided to come out preaching/wagging her finger at Germans not to succumb to this phobia or that... but she's the one who's really got something to fear if still refusing to hear the loud and clear voice of her people... 'enough is enough'- it's not 'Nazi' to say NO, Ange.

Of course UKIP is still on a roll in the UK... hard to see how a senseless bloodbath of innocents right-across-the-Channel in Paris is going to scare anybody away from Nigel Farage's plans to limit immigration, re-assert British sovereignty, stand proud, and protect the country's people.

Perhaps now Geert Wilders can stage a comeback too... he and his Dutch Freedom Party have suffered in recent political battles, yet being proven SO
right-all-along on such major issues as immigration/assimilation
(along with the inherently dangerous nature of Islam) is making him look like some kind of historic visionary, imho.

Truth is- everybody's sick of the Muslims and their endless crap
All I know is I am not going to be told who I have to like (or trust). I'll be the judge of whether me-n-mine are in danger or not... government sure isn't to be depended-upon for any of our security, certainly not regarding the creep of Sharia law nor rampant Islamist terrorism in the West today. Our 'protectors' seem to have some other agenda, and if we don't like it, there's something wrong with us (US Second Amendment ties into this issue, as well).

Now a large swathe of the European population are thinking this way, or so it appears: even among those in favor of immigration as policy, anybody
(and his dog) can see the current flow of way-too-many-Muslims into Europe
(and the West in general) has created dangerous little sub-nations where police fear to tread and the radicals can develop terror/military bases and support. Islamic immigrants are the first kind in history not seeking a better life/society in the West-- rather, they resist assimilation and look to subdue
-or destroy- us. These truths are becoming obvious, and people are scared.

Many Americans/Europeans are still loathe to admit we're at war, but the attack in Paris yesterday has proven to all but the brain-dead that
we are indeed... and to this point, losing.

So you're not interested in war? It's like Reagan -and Trotsky, kinda- said,
'You can have peace this second- surrender!'. Alas... war has been declared on us, and even hyper-liberal Europe can see it now. They opened their doors to these people... so they can came, set up camp, then say 'thanks' by killing their generous hosts the minute they see something they don't like.

If all the world's Muslims don't like being stereotyped as 'terrorists'
-or being shunned/blocked from further immigration to US and Europe-
I would suggest they reign-in their own
because these wild-eyed Islamist maniacs -who seem to grow in number every day- sure as hell aren't interested in listening to any reason from us.

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