26 January 2015

ISIS Maniacs Take Car Bombing to Next Level
with 'Suicide Tanker Bomb'

Now that the Islamic State's blood-soaked establishment/expansion has been been slowed considerably by Kurdish Peshmerga units -along with US/coalition airstrikes- the Kurds are moving into ISIS territory around Mosul (which the Islamists have been turning into a fortress) as ISIS appears to be on the defensive...

For a group with so much money, captured equipment, and fanatical fighters, the tactical move to suicide bombings with vehicles this weekend -attempting to slow the Kurdish advance- seems surprisingly desperate. Where did the ISIS artillery go?

But it's not just any old Corolla packed with explosives they're using, the Islamists have developed a 'suicide tanker' which they sought to deploy against front-line Peshmerga infantry yesterday. The idea is to drive right up to the Kurdish units and detonate bombs/tanker full of fuel in their midst.

The vehicle is adorned with improvised armor/cow-catchers to keep bullets and intruders out of the cabin and engine bay while preventing them from shooting the tires out. As such, it resembles a Mexican narco-tank crossed with an IDF anti-terror bulldozer.

That one yesterday didn't work, tho- Peshmerga managed to detonate the truck by firing steadily upon it as it approached, so it done-blew-up at a safe distance (below). 

A similar tanker-bomb killed 7 at a checkpoint just north of Baghdad last month, so it looks like we'll be seeing more suicide-tankers from the
blood-drunk Islamic State in coming weeks/months.

You have to wonder what's the next ISIS engineering innovation, one filled with radioactive weapons/waste... a 'dirty tanker' bomb? This is the same outfit tossing poison-gas grenades at the Kurdish line and dropping chlorine bombs on civilians, so expect the worst.

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