24 January 2015


INSANITY: As Obama begins $12B payout to Iran, spy shots reveal
terror state has new, long-range ICBM
 -Doug Ross

A-10 Warthog ISIS-Killer Axed by Uber-Competent Commander-In-Chief  
-Doug Ross

Report: Rubio a candidate for 2016 Republican nomination  -Israel Matzav

Wacky Al Gore: For 90 Trillion Dollars, We Can Rebuild Every City In The World And Make Them Car-Free!  -Patterico

MIT scientist compares 'climate alarmists' to
religious fanatics

Ted Cruz Video – Cuban Dissidents Warn of Deal with Castros  
-I'm a Man, I'm 41

Iran Doesn't Need Nuclear Weapons  -American Thinker

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