06 January 2015

Russian Holiday Shows: Fuzzy Disneyland-type Characters Preach to Kids About Sanctions,
'Stupid Americans' and Russian Nuclear Might

As with other economic one-act shows run by a crackpot, today's Russia finds itself on the financial ropes as the oil price bounces off 6-year lows
and it's currency circles-the-drain.

And it couldn't happen to a nicer guy than Vladimir Putin.

Thus, the Kremlin needs an outside enemy to legitimize a government
(living in a Soviet time-warp) that seems to be ruining pretty much everything it touches these days. The collapse in the price of petroleum has pulled-away the curtain and exposed  Oz (Team Putin) as a bunch of economic incompetents who really don't know what to do.

Except 'blame the Americans': I guess we can console ourselves in knowing we're here for Ivan to hate on, as they do in Pyongyang, Tehran, etc. whenever reality gets a little too close to dawning on the plebes.

Indeed, Putin's support was built primarily on economic growth... and with massive street protests last time he ran, that 'record support' the Russian president enjoys may prove to be more shallow than widely expected once (frigid, dark) economic reality begins to bite.

Therefore, the propaganda barrage is already underway, targeting children in this year's holiday shows. And subtlety -never a Russian strong point-
is nowhere in sight:
Moscow Times:
Russian holiday shows typically revolve around fairy tale plots and fantasy characters, but this year some children have been treated to new themes: sanctions, Russia's nuclear arsenal and the "stupidity" of the United States.

...Lipetsk, some 400 kilometers south of Moscow, regaled its young viewers with a heavily politicized performance featuring the characters of U.S. President Barack Obama -dressed as Santa Claus- and State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki as an elf, according to video footage of the show posted online late last month.

The American characters repeatedly testified to their nation's "stupidity," while the Russian ones boasted of their country's nuclear arsenal.

"They are right to say in Russia: All Americans are dumb," the Obama character tells the audience.

"It's not my fault that I'm so stupid," the Psaki character seconds.

After the elf proclaims that the U.S. has "established our own world order" and threatens sanctions, her Russian opponents in the show — dressed, traditionally, as fairy tale characters — respond with some vigorous flexing of military muscle.

"We now have new warriors defending Russia, and their names are Topol M, Iskander and Bulava," a Russian character says, ticking off the names of Russia's ballistic missiles and systems...

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