03 February 2015

Obama Budget Embraces Permanent US Decline-
Growth of Reagan Era a Quaint Relic, Never to Return

'a gloomy view of an economy... growing slower... 
creating fewer rewards for its workers 
than it did in much of the last century'

(Reuters) - Beneath President Barack Obama's plan to fight income inequality lies a gloomy view of an economy that is growing slower and creating fewer rewards for its workers than it did in much of the last century.

In a budget proposal unveiled on Monday, the White House cut forecasts for an array of economic variables, depicting less growth, weaker inflation and lower interest rates than officials expected only a year ago.

This comes despite an unemployment rate that the Obama administration expects to hit the 5.2 percent level considered to be roughly in line with full employment sometime this year...
"In the 21st century, real GDP growth in the United States is likely to be slower than it was in earlier eras," the budget proposal says.

Does it really have to be this way? I sure don't think so- all we have to do is enable the only real job creators this country has- entrepreneurs and small businesses- you know, the ones who Reagan famously said are
'responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States'.

And although The Gipper was handed a real weak economy by the Democrats, he sure didn't have a deficit of the magnitude we now face...
a considerable incremental challenge and drag on economic expansion.

But all I know is we'll never tax our way out if it, that's not even possible-
the current path means a national debt set to exceed $25 TRILLION by 2025. America needs to grow her way out, and that means a fresh wave of job creators to ignite the much-needed boom and fill government coffers with their taxes while we attempt to at least cap federal spending. 

What's limiting small business growth now? High taxes, massive regulation, and and confusion/uncertainty created by ObamaCare- all that has got to go -replaced by some form of economic sanity- before any real prospect will return for the worthy doers who have long made this country something exceptional.

Alas, since Obama -and by default, the establishment Gee Oh Pee- like all those things currently holding-back small-business growth, the president is telling us to prepare for some major, extended economic suckage-
so here we are.

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