12 February 2015

Only Arab Leader Ever to
Have Appeared on 'Star Trek'?

And as is the case with current Canadian -and Australian- leadership, 
King Abdullah II of Jordan also appears to have a far better grip on dealing with challenges to US security/interests these days than clueless-and-of-dubious-agenda Obama regime ever will.

Perhaps this is not a surprise: even though there's been some bumps in the relationship (i.e. backing Saddam Hussein 2x), ever since the 6-Day War Jordan has become known as one of the most stable US allies in the Middle East, running a moderate Islamic government that doesn't care much for extremists, nor do they bother Israel. Yet despite four decades of royal cooperation with the US (and CIA), anti-Americanism runs rampant on the streets of Amman.

They also lack natural resources and the economy is weak- so US $/military aid is what keeps them afloat, the country on a light-reform track, and Abdullah in power. Like most Arab countries, most good jobs are with the government, and little or no wealth is ever actually created. 

The 'Little King that Could' appears to be a bit of an Ameri-phile, tho -and not just because of US international welfare: his mother was American-born, he attended Georgetown University in the 1980s- and is a BIG 'Star Trek' fan (!). 

And it's true that in 1996, Abdullah -then just a prince- actually appeared as an uncredited extra in a 'Star Trek: Voyager' episode entitled 'Investigations': 

He's such an avid 'Trekkie' geek that the King has been promoting the contraction of a Star Trek theme park just outside the Jordanian capital of Amman, at least partly to bolster the country's fading tourist industry.

Abdullah -as you may have recently heard- is also a trained pilot: he earned his wings flying anti-tank attack helicopters for the Jordanian Air Force, and besides being King of Jordan is currently the country's Commander-in-Chief. He's been quoting Clint Eastwood lately, and saying he might just suit-up and go on ISIS-obliteration sorties himself... interesting character: