19 March 2015

As a 'Peace-thru-Strength' Type, Guess I'm the Sort Jeb is Aiming to Charm w/Tough Talk re. Russians...

I'll even admit he's on the exact same page as me, 
re. Ukraine/Kremlin... 

Trouble is:

1) I DO NOT trust him to do anything he says- there's something about the Jebster that seems shiftier and less genuine -at least to me- than Dubya.
And there appears to be more of a sense of entitlement politically.

2) Jeb Bush is no conservative- he's denounced Ronald Reagan's legacy of practical common sense and towering achievement as somehow irrelevant, an unforgivable sin.

3) The Jebster is about as popular as a fart in an elevator...
even within the Republican Party.

4) Others with actual conservative credentials/achievements/principles
offer the same spine implant for our nation's defense posture-
but with none of the baggage of the tattered Bush brand.

5) WHY is he now talking about Obama's serial failures re. foreign policy? It's by default- because Jeb Bush basically supports all of Obama's other damaging and highly-unpopular policies: he's a more enthusiastic cheerleader for open borders than even Boehner, and you sure never hear a peep out of him about getting rid of Obamacare, do you- 

Hard to see a 'Democrat Lite' guy -with a tarnished family legacy to boot- having a prayer of becoming the Gee-Oh-Pee presidential nominee... I've yet to meet a single soul -even online- who advocates running Jeb Bush in 2016 (except maybe Democrats)... have you?

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