11 March 2015

Did You Know that John Kerry's Daughter
is Married to an Iranian?

News to me...
Vanessa Kerry and Behrooz 'Brian' Vala-Nahed

Just when you thought the Mullah-butt-licking Obama regime couldn't be any more deeply infiltrated.

Somehow the newspapers never had much to say about this, and when forced to -i.e. wedding announcements- the Iranian ancestry and birthplace of Vanessa Kerry's husband are -untypically- omitted.

So as Obama and John Kerry set-out to strike a grand bargain with the Mullahs (and flush Israel down the drain), you would think this to be a pertinent fact, one that really ought to be public- or at least it would have been back before this country began to forget anything that ever mattered
(and how the world works). With deep Muslim infiltration of our current
White House -and Obama in the midst making a reckless 'deal' with Tehran-
it just seems to get worse every time you turn around. 

Employees are one thing... family is another: a far tighter union and merger of interests, as if Hillary's daughter Chelsea was married to the son of a prominent Russian family while she was Secretary of State. And happy father-in-law John Kerry's dumb as a box of dirt- that's what makes it even scarier.

We all know Obama's the one hell-bent on foolhardy negotiation with Iran -going so far as to threaten to shoot down Israeli jets in order to stop them from hitting Tehran's nuclear sites.

But Lurch's family ties to Iran are unsettling at best- at least they are to me.