20 March 2015

Humagate Might Top ALL Hillary Scandals-
and That's Saying Somethin'

Now that Senator Chuck Grassley (R- Iowa) is asking if Hillary's closest aide and rumored love interest Huma Abedin was using her private email server too (among other things)- and now that we also know Hillary's email security/anti-spam contractor could see all of her most classified emails in plain English, it's time to worry about just who Huma Abedin is-
and worry a lot:

Although she was pilloried by the left and useful idiots like John McCain at the time, Michele Bachmann's 16-page letter clearly presented the case back in 2012: that the background, connections, and influence of Huma Abedin should at least be looked into by DHS, DoJ, and DoD in an effort to explain how US foreign policy has inexplicably become so tilted as to grant enemies of the West -who wish to destroy us- rapidly expanding power in today's more-frightening-than-ever Middle East.

Fact is, Abedin was never properly vetted in the first place... and her own MOTHER has been reported to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood(!) Meanwhile, Daddy was a professor in Saudi Arabia, and founded an organization supported by the Brotherhood as well.

And that's not all: Huma Abedin has a brother named Hassan who's listed as a fellow and partner (with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the board)  at Oxford University. Unsettlingly, Oxford has long been infiltrated by Islamists who founded the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS). Hassan Abedin collaborates with Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi -two of the most influential terror supporters in the world.

Myriad connections -and favors exchanged- between both Clintons and the Islamic Brotherhood go back a number of years and are complex, multifaceted, and troubling to any thinking person.

Huma Abedin initially met Hillary in Saudi Arabia in 1996, when Bubba was still in the White House, diddling interns. Since Hillary rode-out a series of embarrassing bimbo eruptions without batting an eye, many deduced that she not only angling for a position of power once Clinton left office -senator and then on to the presidency herself- but was perhaps a lesbian in an open marriage (sure looks/acts like one). Of course Abedin -and whomever was directing her from abroad- were probably thinking the exact same things.

Since then, Gennifer Flowers said in her autobiography that Bill Clinton told her Hillary was bisexual, and that they had an 'open marriage'.  Another source close to both Hillary and Huma confirmed that their affair rumors where true as well.

Curiously, Huma Abedin also appears to be in a sham marriage, otherwise what she's doing with grating Jewish geek Anthony Wiener would be anybody's guess. And why would such an attractive, successful, high-profile woman stay after being so comprehensively humiliated by Wiener's idiotic 'sexting' scandal, other than cover for a lesbian affair with Hillary and/or political access/intelligence re the US (and Israel)? 

An odd couple if ever there was one, she seems to have some other motivations for being with this weasly pervert (I wonder who gave him the idea to run for mayor of #1 terrorist target/under-mosqued NYC!). While most of this may be conjecture, you need to ask yourself why her Muslim Brotherhood relatives didn't denounce her for marrying an evil Jew. (some think Wiener has gone so far as to convert to Islam, although you'd never guess it judging by his pastime hobbies).

Get the popcorn ready... Huma had access to everything.