27 March 2015

Instead of 'Ridding the World' of Nukes
-As Obama Pledged in 2009-
He's Walked Us All -Blindfolded-
Into a Complex Nuclear Arms Race

Remember back in the Spring of '09, when a fresh-faced 'historic president' Obama told a cheering crowd one sunny day at Prague Castle that he'll work towards a world 'free of nuclear weapons'?

In retrospect, it seems he meant a world just free of American nuclear weapons- as he's been slashing all our capabilities, development programs, and even defensive missile shields to appease enemies -primarily the Kremlin-
and in order to free up more money for solar panels and food stamps.

The Norks sure didn't get the memo... nor the Russians, or anybody else-
as they've been building and testing whatever-they-damnwell-please the whole time.

The current situation finds the deeply misguided Obama regime not content to just wait and then stand back as dangerous new nuclear states emerge-- the White House is actively greasing the rails for the Iranians right now, and if you couple that with outrageous betrayal of Israel re. nuke secrets (justifying Iran's), one can see why the Saudis now racing to get their own nuclear forces. 

I doubt it would take them more than a year to get a load from Pakistan up-and-running... other Sunni states in the region have a lot of bucks -but small population- and I don't see why their money wouldn't be any good, either.

Then you've got Turkey... NO WAY they don't try and scrape one up now, ASAP.

And Egypt's for sure- el Sisi has all but said it.

Recently I read somewhere the Saudis were whispering that they'd open up their airspace to Israel, for a major airstrike on Iran... you know, if that somehow could be made to happen next week real quick, it could sure save a lot of people in a lot of countries drama, fuss, expense, and danger they don't need at all...

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