04 March 2015

RUSH: Iran Deal Now to be Fast-Tracked:
'When Obama Feels Shown-Up/Embarrassed,
He ALWAYS Doubles-Down (in Revenge)'

El Rushbo made an excellent point on yesterday's show- how Obama's insane level of stubbornness always has him painted-into-a-corner and lashing-out whenever he's proven to be wrong- never clever or well-adjusted enough to possess a healthy self-awareness...

And he NEVER admits an error or leaves himself a policy 'out': Obama simply doubles-down on whatever foolhardy endeavor of his has been exposed, and if he thinks you made him look bad, i.e. Sheriff Joe, it's all about revenge and forcing his intellectual superiority on you... SO superior he doesn't feel a need to explain any of it, either.

You're just a dummy or a racist if you don't see why repeated 'stimulus' boondoggles are needed, regardless of the fact that the first TRILLION Obama blew in 2009 did more damage than good.

Back in reality, skilled managers are good at being flexible, adapting, and admitting their own errors in a timely manner, so as to correct them ASAP, not defending and further implementing policies over-and-over that have no record of success whatsoever, just because they fit some wacked-out philosophy your Marxist parents/grandparents/molesters drilled into your head.

Or because you're used to having your serial failures whitewashed in a propaganda barrage, rather than be judged by any sort of actual results.

Has President Obama ever, once said 'I was wrong' in any kind of way that ever mattered, or seemed like he meant it? 

Has this embittered zealot ever adjusted one policy from the idiot platform he rolled into DC with in 2009?

How can anybody manage the most powerful country in the world for six years, and never make a single mistake worth correcting? You tell me where the problem is...

Therefore, as predicted by Mr Limbaugh yesterday,
expect the worst in an utterly reckless Obama deal with Iran:
he wants this to be his 2nd term's Obamacare... Iran, and Cuba.
Rush is right, again. 

Our radical, ignorant, and unskilled president seems plenty convinced that
no matter how bad a deal his pending grand bargain with Iran is for almost everybody's interests -the US, Europe, Israel, or the Arab M.E.- history will somehow paint his 'paving the way' to an Iranian bomb as another glorious Obama accomplishment of some sort... and expectation based on what,
I have no idea, except perhaps planned government oppression of all remaining conservative historians- I wouldn't put it past them.

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