30 March 2015

Tactless Imbecile that Snapped Smiling 'Selfies'
in-Front of Collapsed East Village Building
Worked for Obama Campaign/EPA/White House

In her defense, Christina Freundlich has already issued a public apology for her ill-advised tourist photo snapped at the East Village disaster site
last week...

It hadn't gone-over even even with her own FB friends, even less so when the (public) Instagram snap made the NY Post. After all, two victims' bodies were still buried in the rubble while she stood there grinning like an idiot
(flashing a peace/V-for-victory/gang sign... wtf?)

One commenter described the stunt as 'disgusting beyond words'.

Yeah, she wasn't the only one to do it-- but this is a woman who surely should have known better- after all, she's got history with both America-wrecking Obama presidential campaigns -2008 and 2012 as a 'field director'- and even served as 'communications director' for the Iowa state Democratic Party
-if you can believe it- in addition to a stint with Bloomberg's anti-gun group.

More: Freundlich worked at the Environmental Protection Agency for Obama and also went to work directly for the White House’s own
'Council on Environmental Quality'. 

On top of that, she worked as the Deputy Press Secretary at 'Obama for America'... PRESS secretary, and she didn't know what she was doing
might be considered offensive!!!

But us Republicans- we're self-absorbed, dense, lacking-in-empathy, and heartless...

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