12 March 2015

Taylor Swift Insures Gams for $40M

That's $20M a stem...

Much like how Fred Astaire took-out a policy on his legendary dancin' legs for $75K a pop -and national treasure Dolly Parton hedged her ginormous, iconic boobs for $600K (for the set)- contemporary pop star Taylor Swift has now insured her own (Grade-A) legs for a cool $40M.

And although her music is not entirely my cup of tea, I've heard worse
(plus she's actually a songwriter- I respect that). Alas, they might have guessed a bit light on the legs appraisal- seems to have become her trademark already, and no doubt more than a minor element of that vital stage presence. 

Love the semi-conservative/retro style, no tats, etc- considerably more class than the Miley Cyruses of the world.

But I confess to being a certified leg man- on that note, this girl pegs the needle. I can't quite imagine what she fears happening to the legs, specifically- must not be all that much for the premium, likely with
Lloyds of London.

Don't let anybody tell you she's too skinny, either- I say nice tone, got some muscle and looks like she could run like a gazelle (as Miss Swift likely would if
I were somehow offered the opportunity to press a pursuit)...

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