28 April 2015

Anyone Arguing Iran Isn't 'Really' Pursuing a Bomb
or is 'Not a Threat' -i.e. Geo Will/Pauls/P. Buchanan-
Is NOT To Be Taken Seriously

Iran -a country floating on sea of petroleum- only ever pursued nuclear technology for military purposes- and any intellectually-honest person can tell you that. There exists no reason this otherwise 2nd-or-3rd rate country needs nuclear anything (supplied by the world's devil-on-the-shoulder, Russia) when they could fuel conventional power plants for next to nothing... 

On the other hand, you've got the Rand Pauls of the world: somewhat like the Soviets, he increasingly finds the truth doesn't fit reality as purported by his political world view (in his case, pacifism). That means he has to make arguments that twist him into a pretzel and make no sense to anyone outside his fanboy base. 

Aren't Iran's genocidal trash-talk and garish military parades enough clue for some people?


Todays out-of-control world (a direct result of the power vacuum Obama's lead-from-behind has brought) is downright unfriendly to any US politicians out there still trying to sell appeasement and continued American strategic decline. I would imagine the Pauls' isolationist claptrap will likely kill Rand's candidacy as things get uglier-and-uglier-and-uglier. The open borders stuff isn't going to make any new friends either.

I don't think we should have been involved in Libya or Syria -not the way we were, I'm closer to Rand Paul than McCain/Linseed on that. But on the major issues of the day -like Russia/Ukraine, rising Chinese sea power, and ISIS- Americans are going to be expecting a stiffened spine and strategic clarity in the next administration, you would think

After the world has it's way with Obama for the next 18 months -and people get scared enough- the Russians need to be put back on their heels... 
and ISIS needs to be wiped from the face of the Earth. First step might be arming Kiev and the Kurds.

Then there's Iran: When I hear George Will or the Pauls out there arguing how Iran is this-far or that-far from a bomb, 'has no way to deliver', etc- I lose all respect for their commentary in a kind of permanent way: do they actually think the Iranians would not build a bomb tomorrow if they could... and thought they could get away with it without the Mossad knowing? 

What sane person would ever assign good faith to this vile fascist regime?

As for delivery to US (or Israeli) territory, this is IRAN we're talking about-
you know, generous uncle to Hezbollah and Hamas. Seems readily apparent to me that these proxies could just lug a suitcase bomb over our nation's all-but-undefended borders... or sneak a container into the
Port of Long Beach. Meanwhile, Iran's ICBM's keep getting bigger.

Anybody telling you Tehran 'doesn't want a bomb', 'is years away',
'can't deliver' -or quotes some old, questionable US intelligence report supporting these arguments- is absolutely full of it -isn't paying attention-
or for some reason, can't afford to be honest about it.

OF COURSE they want a bomb! And they're going all-out to get it, making it very difficult for Israel's defense establishment to wait for a US president focused on pressing strategic issues (rather than dreamy leftist twaddle).

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