02 April 2015

Noose Found On (Leftist) Duke University Campus
Just Another #RaceHoax ...?

How soon till we learn that this is a #RaceHoax?
(WRAL) Messages of inclusion and diversity once again flowed from a Triangle school on Wednesday after a noose was found hanging from a tree at Duke University.

The incident is the latest in a series of race-related incidents on college campuses nationwide that have catapulted race and higher education into the national conversation.

Hundreds silently marched from Duke’s West Campus to the school’s Bryan Center plaza, then held a forum in front of Duke Chapel after the noose was found hanging on a tree at the plaza earlier that morning.
There are three possibilities: first, it’s a hoax, designed to elicit the exact response that was seen at Duke U Wednesday. It is not out of the realm of reality to think that this may be a hoax...

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