16 April 2015

Polish Border Police May Block Stalinist Biker Gang from Planned Ride of Red Army Invasion Route

A moron Russian biker gang with whom Vladimir Putin is closely allied is planning a two-week ride along the Red Army's invasion routes of 1944-45 to celebrate 70 years since WWII, but naturally, not all the countries the
Soviet Union crushed under their tank tracks (then colonized) -i.e. Poland-
are welcoming the latest droll Kremlin stunt...

First of all, the gang -'Night Wolves'- are basically Vladimir Putin's extra-governmental 'Brown Shirt' street muscle, utilized to bully and intimidate opponents of his vile regime. They run the 'anti-Maidan' movement in Russia -intended to head-off any 'color revolution' in Moscow- while the gang also played a part in the recent conquest of Crimea. Since, they've made numerous rides into Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine, to 'support' the Russians/rebels fighting there.

So as the bikers plan to blitz 6000 miles across Europe (starting April 25), it's difficult to take their stated intention of 'honoring Red Army dead' who helped defeat Nazi Germany at face value.

The Wolves' hulking leader -Alexander Zaldostanov- looks like a 
big, dumb, neanderthal -remarkably similar to Putin's other big, dumb tool sidekick Steven Segal- and says their anti-Maidan organization could have been alternatively named 'Death to Faggots'.

That's rich, seeing how fruity Putie looks on that little trike of his.

Zaldostanov -aka 'The Surgeon'- (who's on the US Crimea sanctions list) claims his gang's members are fighting on a patriotic Russian front, 'opposing Western values'. Amusing how they do that from the seat of a made-in-USA Harley-Davidson (Russians only produce junk based on 1940s German designs they stole) -while dressed as a Western biker- and sporting the logo of a club that is a obvious rip-off of Hell's Angels.

Alas, these make-believe-Hell's-Angels are ultra-nationalist, even Stalinist... and fit-in well in with character of other objectionable Russian exports like mafiosos, counterfeit cigarettes, and prostitutes. 

Yes, they've been around since the Perostroika days, as an independent organization... but the gang has obviously now been co-opted 100% by the Kremlin (how rebellious), which started with a direct Putin phone call to Zaldostanov about six years ago. 

Today, the Wolves' primary mission is to oppress opposition/foreign influence while promoting Putinism, all covered in a thin facade of 'coolness'. They are also getting rich on the fame Putin has sent their way, mimicking American bike tuning shops, biker clothes, etc for post-Soviet provincials that don't know the real stuff.

But their 'Red Army' ride across Europe is clearly a provocation, typical of the prison-style bullying one expects from the expansionist, KGB-alumni-club run Kremlin of 2015.

You have to wonder what's wrong with the Slovaks, Czechs, and Hungarians, if they actually allow this crap on their territory-- wasn't 40 years under these brutal, self-serving thugs enough? Any actual men with a speck of pride left in these countries? Ivan is putting you up against the wall again-- what are you going to do about it?

Luckily the Polish -perhaps the worst victims of Soviet/Russian oppression- are wise to (and used to dealing with) these never-ending Russian antics, and are considering stopping them at the border. The group doesn't even seem to have applied for visas... bet then again, neither did the Red Army. 

And will they be raping this time?

Others in Poland have threatened to deploy blowout strips, and/or
physically block their route... me, I'd put a division of armor out there
and buzz them with F-16s.