17 April 2015

Sweden's Ceaseless Far-Left Bent a Result of
Guilt from Shameful (Covert) Nazi Collaboration?

Just like with Germany-in-general (and Gunter Grass in particular) Sweden's obsessive liberalism -especially regarding minorities/immigration- could be understood as enduring societal guilt for their forefathers' close collaboration with the Nazis (while cowardly claiming to be 'neutral')...

Sweden's role as Nazi Germany's key iron ore supplier has been dismissed
-as Swiss banking often was- as mere 'commercial' transactions, but it's hard to explain-away new information in a just-released book detailing how the Swedish government assisted the Wehrmacht's invasion of neighboring Norway by offering Sweden's national railways to ferry troops and equipment north, which were then used to defeat the British at Narvik (leading to Nazi occupation of the entire country, their first conquest).

Trains going the other way later carried iron-ore and Jews to Germany 
(both basically headed for the furnace).

All the benefits of joining of the Axis alliance, with NONE of the negatives: 
NO fighting against the the Germans initially, Hitler won't bomb you, then no fighting for the Germans... abandon the Jews to their fate, make a fortune doing business with Berlin-- and plausible deniability throughout. 

Pretty wormy move- they should be ashamed.

Swedish guilt: beyond tinfoil hat

While their neighbors fought -and the British attempted to assist Oslo- Sweden misled the world in claiming 'neutrality' while going out-of-their-way to assist the Nazi invasion of Norway in any covert manner they could. Then they became the iron miners who made possible the fields full of Panzers we brave, righteous nations had to confront.

So why not come clean about what your grandfathers did, Sweden -or didn't do, but should have- and drop the 'Hey look how liberal we are now' rubbish that's driving your once-great nation into the ground.

No number of gang-rapes of your Swedish daughters (age 8-80) is ever going to fix the past... what the hell are you sacrificing them for?

Do you really hate yourselves so much -even in your affluent, cultured country- that Sweden must now be destroyed just to make right? 

Why not just face the truth about your past... then proceed in a sane, practical manner? Don't you think you owe that to your kids, rather than subject them to some crazy social experiment based on your own hangups?

Anything else you need to get off your chest that we don't know about yet...? 

Suggestion: Maybe Sweden should become a vocal supporter of Israel, seeing as how Swedish crimes are part of the reason for it's existence. And perhaps you could now help guarantee that existence. Why not do something for those you actually owe a debt to (rather than random Somalis, etc.)?

Nothing more pathetic than a self-loathing viking, you know.

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