14 April 2015

With Russian S-300 AA System on the Way to Iran,
Will Israel Strike NOW- While They Still Can?

Even if the Senate gets a clue and does shut-down Obama's bizarre
non-agreement with Iran, cascading collateral damage has already begun: Gulf states are looking to get their own atomic weaponry, US prestige and credibility has suffered yet another heavy blow (Obama/Kerry don't even know how to surrender), and now the Russians are sending their advanced
S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Tehran...

Putin signed something that cleared the way for the (bartered for crude oil) missiles yesterday- a system that experts say could leave Iran 'untouchable'... the only way to get by that would be a large stealth fleet like the US possesses- and Israel does not,  not before the F-35s arrive in late 2016/early 2017 (and they can't carry the MAP bunker-buster).

Don't forget, the deal Obama claims to have with the Mullahs is based on detection of a weapons-building program and US resolve/capability to go and bomb them then... doesn't the S-300 make that sound preposterous?

The White House and Killary once proudly trumpeted how they talked the Kremlin out of sending S-300s to the Iranians in 2010... I guess Obama didn't have the deal he thought he did there, either.

But it doesn't seem so clever of Putin to let his intentions be known so soon, when the US Congress can still possibly put the kibosh Obama's reckless race for a 'legacy'- maybe the Russians are just hard-up for money
(the deal is worth a reported $800M)

Earlier rumors that Obama threatened to shoot-down any Israeli jets flying over Iraq on the way to bombing him and Val's pals in Tehran may well be true- but the Saudis would quietly open their airspace to Israel, apparently.

Up until this point, I thought the Mossad would patiently wait for the right moment to strike -they've saturated Iran with spies- but if the S-300 leaves a Russian port, seems like that moment has arrived.

Israel can not afford to care what the Russians -or even now the American president- think...  if they don't act (conventionally) now, their only remaining option will be nuclear first-strike (doesn't sound so appealing, does it).

The US has all but abandoned Israel to her fate... the walls are closing in... and with world anti-Semitism at a post-1945 high, what have they got to lose in bombing Iran now, anyway... it's not like it would hurt their image in the Arab world, the Saudis, Egyptians, and Jordanians would actually nod approvingly in quiet agreement (perhaps they could even thank Israel by exterminating ISIS).

With that done -and the Iranian regime likely teetering- it would be time to whittle-down Hamas and Hezbollah and get rid of them for good...
then Israel can sit down and talk peace with whoever is truly interested
(I'll bet they can do business with El-Sisi).