05 May 2015

Castros' Drug-Trafficking Hardly a Surprise...
But JEB BUSH, That's a Story!

Hearing 'news' lately of the Castro regime's drug-running into the US shouldn't come as a revelation to anyone- Havana was long an ally of Columbia's coke-producing communist rebels, and other
cash-strapped socialist paradises like
North Korea operate mafia-like smuggling and counterfeiting operations in order to generate hard currency... I'm sure the CIA always knew or at least suspected/expected that to be the case with the Cubans.

But I was thumbing through an unofficial bio of George Herbert Walker Bush (albeit one authored by a couple 9/11-truthers -and published by the LaRouche organization) over the weekend and was amused to find implications that Bush-41's affection for high-seas-capable Cigarette speedboats had him befriending the (shady) originator of those boats
for 14 years. 

He produced high-performance watercraft of the type favored by smugglers/rum-runners- the man was one Don Aronow, the designer, builder and racer of the famous Magnum MarineCigaretteDonzi, and Formula speedboats. 

Aronow's boats won over 350 offshore races and he himself was 2x world champion and 3x U.S. champion. He produced watercraft for the Shah of Iran, Charles Keating, Robert Vesco, Malcolm Forbes, and George H. W. Bush. Retired President Lyndon Johnson owned several of his speedboats, which he raced -vs SS agents- on his Texas ranch for jollies.

According the the book, there is  also evidence that Aronow himself was a drug smuggler and suspected drug-money launderer, linked to the Genoveses in NYC and associated with the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate. This was reportedly confirmed by the Major Narcotics Unit at the Miami US Attorney's office-- the top federal drug prosecution official in s. Florida.

Alas, Aranow was murdered in dubious circumstances, gangland-style by racer/convicted drug smuggler/killer Ben Kramer in 1987- 
(Kramer was married to Meyer Lansky's niece, fwiw).

But Don Aronow was said to be a 'close' friend to CIA Director/VP GHW Bush right up until his demise. Aronow sold him his pride-and-joy Cigarette 'Fidelity', which was kept at Kennebunkport (Bush was said to be a 'boat junkie').
His people also maintained the speedboat for Bush. Later, then VP GHW Bush had Aronow accompany him on fishing trips, etc. 

Phone records betrayed multiple calls to VP Bush in the days before his was killed. His wife said he knew he was going to be wacked, and handed her a list of instructions topped by 'CALL BUSH' immediately -before she contacts the police- if 'anything happens'.

George HW Bush apparently had used his influence to steer a fat contract for Secret Service speedboats -at $150K a pop- to his friend too... but the
'Blue Thunder' catamarans proved to be a slow, undependable, overpriced debacle, prompting an FBI investigation into their maker.

The discrepancy said to have brought-about Aronow's murder was a merger-gone-bad between his and Kramer's boat making companies involved in the government contract... but here's the kicker, Jeb was his smuggling partner (!):
...the assumption of control over Aronow's company, USA Racing, by the Kramers' Super Chief South ... meant that a key contract in the Bush "war on drugs" had been awarded to a company controlled by persons who would later be convicted for marijuana smuggling and money laundering...

Tommy Teagle, an ex-convict ... said he feared that George Bush would have him killed because information in his possession would implicate Jeb Bush in cocaine smuggling.
Teagle's story was that Aronow and Jeb Bush had been partners in cocaine trafficking and were $2.5 million in debt to their Columbian suppliers. 

Dr. Robert Magoon, a friend of Aronow, is quoted in the same location as having heard a similar report. But Teagle rapidly changed his story...
Who knows if there's any truth to it, but where there's smoke, there's fire- and I do recall Jeb's daughter getting busted for crack cocaine possession... perhaps this is what he was really doing with that Spanish of his
(other than hitting on 'hippy' chick Columba).

FWIW, 'The Intellectual Bush' Jeb was said to be an even more mediocre student than his brother -and a total pothead loser- in school... sound familiar?

Perhaps Fox News could lay-off Ted Cruz and have a look into all this, then-

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