10 May 2015

Former Castro Bodyguard Names Visitors
to Fidel's Posh 'Secret Island':
Erich Honecker, Ted Turner, Baba Wawa...

Apparently only communists were invited

After 17 years as a personal bodyguard of Fidel Castro, Juan Rienaldo Sanchez recently claimed in a new book that the Cuban dictator was a major trafficker of illegal drugs into the US for years- and profited handsomely from it. Sound plenty believable to me, North Korea exports meth for hard currency- and El Jefe was close with Columbia's coke-producing communist rebels/terrorists FARC.

Other interesting revelations would be that Fidel kept his immediate family a secret -had more kids out of wedlock- and was kind of a lazy slob that
'always slept until 10 or 11am', hated to wear a suit, and had a beard primarily because he couldn't be bothered to shave...

But Sanchez also claims Fidel discovered a blissful stone cay -Caya Piedra- that was unknown to most while inspecting the area where the Bay-of-Pigs debacle had just taken place. A local fisherman was guiding him on a tour of the area and boated out to the mini-island to show him the view.
Soon the Cuban leader claimed it for his own -tore down the lighthouse- and built a small port for a high-speed (42 knots!) luxury yacht, vacation home, floating bar/grille, mini-Sea World, etc- not as blatant as say -a Gaddafi- but a far cry from the public speeches, where Castro denounced vacations as a bourgeois excess The Revolution could not afford

Like Hitler, Castro implied he couldn't spare a day of rest, as he was the chosen one and the country can't live five minutes without him...
all while getting up late every day, enjoying indulgent getaways, etc. 

But it's the Caya Piedra guest list that got me- Erich Honecker, hard-core communist leader of (gritty Stalinist hell) East Germany... OK, I can see that one. But Fidel went so far as to give the East Germans a 9 mile x 300 yard island an hour's sail from Castro's place... replete with a statue of Germany's 1930s communist leader -Ernst Thälmann- who he had just-renamed the tropical isle for.

But TED TURNER? Is that even legal? I guess as a guest of Castro, he didn't have to spend a dime- so technically not breaking the embargo. But what's capitalism's-greatest-ingrate doing down there, anyway? Does the CIA have a file on this crap?

And -uh- 'respected' Barbara Walters is still on TV, a major Obama pumper from the get-go and somehow a woman some Americans still look to for honest political opinion. 

She was down there visiting Fidel Castro (apparently before or after her 1977 TV interview with him on the nearby Bay-of-Pigs) who's a sworn enemy of the United States, a self-serving communist beast that still holds thousands of political prisoners, an economic incompetent who never in 50+ years found a way to create any sort of real economy, just a personality cult belching propaganda while providing only a mediocre barely-enough-of-anything existence for a vast majority of Cubans (state employees), who in 2013 still only averaged $20 A MONTH in real income, if you can believe that.

THIS guy Baba Wawa STILL says she 'loves'... I wonder if Castro serviced her needs down there on that island, she sure acts like it.

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