06 May 2015

I WONDER if Huckabee was Urged to Run
by (Fox News Chief) Karl Rove...

-so as to to split the conservative vote and hurt Cruz 
in support of hyper-lame Gee-Oh-Pee 'favorite' Jeb Bush

Mike Huckabee is a decent guy -and good Christian, from all appearances- but he's also a Big Government 'conservative' who'd love to expand bureaucracy/tell you how to live...

I was particularly put-off by his trashing (2008) of American business as somehow inherently bad and in-need of government control. Anybody demonizing the American free-enterprise system as a whole is obviously a kook, disingenuous... or both.

Huckabee's lower-middle-class populism could only appeal to the uninformed or willingly-deluded -like union members- because wide-open, free-market capitalism is the only thing that's ever created real wealth for anybody in this country... other than stealing and corruption, which has briefly taken the lead in the Obama era.

But we conservatives aim to change that recent, unwelcome development-- along with all the other damage wrought by hopenchange. Ted Cruz is the only true Reaganite in the race, one that we can WIN with. He's far more qualified than the Carlys, Carsons, and even Huckabees of the world, as far as I'm concerned (how hard could it be to run Arkansas, really). Only Rubio can compete with Cruz's oratory/delivery... and nobody can compete with him on principle.

Splitting the conservative vote much past Iowa or so can only bring conservatives more misery... and another RINO Bush on the ticket. Weak, faux-conservative candidates like Huckabee need to be run out of town on a rail ASAP.

Ted Cruz has made no secret of his plans to woo Christian voters in the building of a winning 2016 coalition... what a coincidence a country preacher that really didn't do much last time (2008) is now in this race, here to chip-away at that all-important voting block.

The Huckster chose not to run in 2012, citing lack of 'divine support'... so I suppose God told him to come take evil Ted Cruz out this time. Sounds like the left's value system to me, rather than anything divine.

I couldn't help but notice a very professional rollout of some of Huckabee's graphics, themes, etc... and on twitter too- he's all modern now. Really attempting to hit the ground running, it seems.

I smell stench-of-Rove.

UPDATE: Was just reading in Gateway Pundit’s comment section where this guy says ROVE was there in-person at the Huckster’s announcement in Arkansas... and did not appear at anybody else’s announcement to run

Things that make you go ‘hmmm’...

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