14 May 2015

QUOTAS KILL? Philly Death-Train Engineer Was
Dubiously-Qualified 32-y.o. Gay Rights Activist...

Was this kid pushed up the ladder to fill some quota

We already know that Barack Obama has politicized every damn government agency he could find -be it IRS, DHS, or Park Service- utilizing them to inflict his nuttier-than-sqirrel-poop agenda on us all,
punish enemies, and reward political/financial supporters...
but do you recall Amtrak's recent (silly and funded with your tax dollars) 

gay-outreach program...?

As if riding the train is somehow different for these people-
can't just sit back and enjoy the view like everybody else.

Better fit for his skill set: Bostian as a cashier at Target

As with other valuable voting blocks, it seems Obama is attempting to sew-up the one-issue gay vote for the Democrats long-term: now done with the electoral cycle, he's suddenly 'evolved' on same-sex 'marriage', is slowly pushing-through more favors/gestures for gays, so it would make sense that he'd like to slide some jobs/quotas (even if unwritten) their way... especially in a traditionally macho career -you know- like soldier or train engineer.

Not hard to imagine the now-politicized Obama Amtrak chiefs favoring lesbians and gay guys for promotion to the driver's seat- like airline pilots, almost certainly a 'man's world' in the past, just the kind of thing that
progs love to hate.

BUT have you ever heard of an airline stewardess
getting promoted to pilot?

Just theorizing- but Brandon Bostian clearly didn't know what the hell he was doing, and we do need to know how this 32-year-old kid got the job, performed in training, previous record -were there unwritten quotas applied to the hiring/promotion process- and let's talk to some of the other more qualified and/or experienced people Amtrak could have put in the driver's seat rather than this reckless killer... something tells me he wasn't the best choice.

Kevin Marshall, -'Diversity Initiatives Director' at Amtrak- recently boasted that
40% of the people in the organization are a 'person of color' -cca 8000.

It would be nice to see what else (about who else) he said in a related 'diversity' report, but Amtrak has taken that document
Amtrak welcomes diversity aboard] off their site for some reason... hmmm:
Amtrak employs more than 20,000 people and understands the value of diversity as a social and business imperative. Its corporate culture includes a commitment to diversity in all areas of the organization. "Key to maintaining this appreciation is Amtrak's diversity training program, which makes clear the corporation's position on diversity and provides the background, information and resources necessary to work successfully in a diverse environment," Marshall notes. 
"Our diversity training program is designed to be an ongoing journey that emphasizes key principles of diversity and inclusion. Since its inception it has been an important vehicle used to make certain that employees have a clear understanding of the company's expectations for sustaining a diverse, inclusive environment." 
Amtrak's numbers are impressive. Overall, a quarter of its employees are women and two out of five are persons of color. In the management ranks almost a third are women and a third are persons of color. African Americans make up the largest minority group, followed by Hispanics. 
For new hires in Amtrak management, 37 percent are women and 37 percent persons of color. After African Americans, Asians and Hispanics are best represented.
These are the priorities at an outfit -with a CEO appointed by Obama and underwritten by taxpayers- that loses a billion dollars a year- does anybody really think gays weren't being quietly promoted as well?

Helluva price to pay for being stylish-

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