06 June 2015

Reagan Brought Us Eight of the Best Damn Years this Country's Ever Seen- Yet We Learn NOTHING

With stupidity and ingratitude in fashion -and meritocracy out- 
who has time to hear about Reagan's towering success?

On the other hand, some still do get it...

ISIS Now Has Main Battle Tanks, Howitzers -Pirate's Cove

George Soros Is Bankrolling Democrat 
Voting Rights Lawsuits  -Weasel Zippers

in IL-18 Special Election.  -Dan Riehl @ Breitbart

Plunder And Deceit  -Mark Levin 

Nancy Reagan places flowers on Ronald Reagan's gravesite at
the Presidential Library in Simi Valley Friday, June 5 2015

D-Day Remembered...  -Proof Positive

School Director, Starri Hedges  -Adrienne's Corner

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