09 June 2015

Would Linseed's Unloved, One-Cylinder Campaign Get Rolling if He Got Himself a Pair...
(of Liberal Glasses)?

You know, since he's our intellectual superior and all-
(and because the online left likes him so much)

If they fit, wear 'em

Lindsey Graham (squish, SC) often makes sense when he's talking about Islamic terrorism or the Russians- but less-so soon after that, especially when it comes to open borders immigration schemes, never-ending war with the
TEA Party, 'climate change' bullshit, or his laying-down in confirmation proceedings for radical Obama cabinet/SCOTUS nominees...

Foreign policy has always been my top hot-button issue- and to be fair, Senator Graham is really not bad there, if you're willing to  overlook grave errors (right alongside Quick-Draw McCain) in Syria and Libya. 

Other than that, I can't stand the guy: John Bolton was going to run so as to air pressing foreign policy issues, and that would have been far superior to having to listen to Deputy Droopalong attempt to do so over the coming months.

But at least Bolton was wise enough to see the GOP presidential derby is 
seriously overcrowded... and ISIS and Vladimir Putin have spooked us all
plenty well enough so as to bring foreign policy issues to the forefront of GOP debate, so mission accomplished- with a little help from America's
having-a-field-day adversaries. Apparently Bolton felt that the
dire circumstances we face as a nation have already made the point.

Alas, Lindsey Graham's chance of winning the nomination approximates zero,  so what he's up to is anybody's guess. In a Republican field in dire need of a weeding, hopefully he'll be yoinked out by the roots soon enough...