15 July 2015

In 5 Minutes, BBC Credits Obama w/ Pluto Mission, Trashes Bibi Like He's Got Horns,
+ Glorifies Reckless Iran Deal

Was watching BBC Europe yesterday -flicked it on the the hotel for five minutes while unpacking- and the amount of left wing pom-pom shaking they can pack into a brief period of time is just about any intellectually-honest person can stomach...

And that's regardless of political bias -like we never knew The Beebe leaned to the left. But it's relentless these days... I used to admire their professionalism and world coverage in the 80s/90s, as I still do the Telegraph, etc. British press is in many ways superior to my own country's, imho- even car magazines, i.e. CAR was a far better read than Motor Trend or some other advertiser-controlled, US grocery-store-rack rag.

Appalling, yesterday the BBC's 90-second story (on the latest images beamed back from the Kuiper Belt) ended with 'SO, the great American space explorations -begun under JFK, and now continued under President Barack Obama...'

How can any self-respecting reporter, editor, or other staff sign-off on such vaguely-implied nonsense (clearly historically inaccurate) that OBAMA had some kind of hand in this? 

That scientific retard has NASA wasting time on global warming snipe hunts while cutting space exploration to the bone! And the New Horizons (orig 'New Frontiers') mission was in-fact developed under Bush, launched under Dubya, too... it was already on the drawing board when Dear Leader was still an (largely absentee) Illinois state senator, movin'-on-up while scheming with local scumbags to line his own pockets.

Following some loud cheering for the Iran 'deal' (this from the people who brought you 'Peace in Our Time') -the British (government) network then spent a full minute laying-into Bibi's defense of Israeli interests- one that would make Josef Goebbels proud- by tacking a counter-statement onto every point of his speech, line-by-line, i.e. BIBI: 'We must keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons..." BBC: 'Just a note- Israel already HAS nuclear weapons'... etc.

When Bibi then said a nuclear Iran would be 'like' an ISIS on steroids, the BBC basically laughed at him with 'Iran actually OPPOSES ISIS'....
could they be any more disingenuous than that? Shame on you, BBC.

They also allowed the Iranian leader to talk about how Iran has been done wrong still, how the West should 'learn a lesson' that 'diplomacy trumps confrontation', etc... all without one single challenge from the BBC tool reporter.

Of course, they only get away with all this by the stupidity of their audience...
I mean, who else is using these shills for their main info source of news these days, anyway. 

BUT, this is how the left does it with propaganda.... even if it sounds like BS to anybody with more than a single grey cell in their noggin, the just repeat the false narratives and spin every story to support their world view, promotion of liberal or poster-child, victim-class 'heroes', etc. in a million different ways.
And it NEVER stops.

You can also tell they're largely preaching to pre-convinced idiots is by how they've dumbed-down the language, topics, and tone of all the BBC produces -the change over the last 15 years is dramatic (perhaps to cater to an England swamped with people who possess rudimentary English language skills,
if nothing else)- and the documentaries are have grown eye-wateringly dull. 

BTW, from the looks of things if you're a white male in 2015 and you want to work at the BBC on-air you sure as hell better be gay
(think 'Richard Quest')- or a real good actor.

Alas, the BBC is largely still funded by British tax/TV-fee payers... why the Tories haven't reigned in their budget is surely beyond my comprehension, it's not like they're acting in the national interest or something.

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