07 August 2015

I'm a Cruz Guy, But Was Disappointed by
How Blatantly Fox Went After Trump...

Struck me as desperate, maybe Karl Rove is spooked-
and thinks it's their last chance to slow him down

I personally don't think Trump has serious, detailed plans for tackling the nation's problems, but as an experienced executive manager he would likely get the right people in there to put it all together... 

And he does know how to fix stuff. I always liked how Trump said some things I wanted to hear -yet never did elsewhere- starting in 2012
('Take the oil!'). But outside of shaky 'conservative' credentials, I also don't think he's the kind of guy that should be handed this much power, honestly...
I find Cruz and Walker -at least- to be far more preferable choices.

And I don't like the idea of a candidate who's never held public office... quite a gamble, many don't take Carson nor Fiorina seriously because of it, so why should Trump be considered to be any better? 'Outsider' fine-- but zero experience whatsoever is not a good way to go, imho.

Sadly, Fox proved themselves to be absolute GOP establishment hacks they way the were so obviously out to kill Trump last night... the loaded, purpose-engineered questions aimed at him took up a lot of time -were intellectually dishonest- and showed they're trying to hand a GOP 'lead' back to Jeb that apparently Fox News' attack-dogs Kelly, Baier, and Wallace were tasked with retrieving for it's proper owner.

Did it work? Trump looked a bit harsh threatening Megyn Kelly that he 'probably shouldn't be nice' to her after she sprung the 'war on women' gotchas on him... other than that, Fox didn't have anything new to throw at Trump that his supporters -and detractors- didn't know already. I doubt many people's minds were changed by the exchanges, really.

Perhaps Fox (read 'Rove') felt that Trump needed to be prevented from leaving Cleveland with the image of a serious, official-type Republican candidate for president... on that count, they failed.

I also felt Cruz did well, though didn't get quite enough time, Carson was charming/funny, but Rand Paul didn't come off well to me... seemed kind of bitter, maybe hard up to make an impression as his campaign sinks.
I'd have to take his side in the argument with Christie re. the NSA and such, but it was pretty funny when Trump later told Rand 'You're having a rough night'... indeed.