25 September 2015

For The First Time EVER, I Completely
Disagree with Ted Cruz on Something-
Pope Francis' Intentions/Credibility

Credibility important in a worldwide spiritual leader, you would think

Rush Limbaugh last week made an observation that all the 'conservative' pillars of our society we used seek solace and/or support from have one-by-one become undependable these days-everything seems to have been corrupted by the left. That could include Fox News now, I suppose.

I myself would liken it to an earthquake, were all is suddenly moving and there's nothing left to hold-on to. And man, does his observation ever
hit home for me...

As a lifelong, still-church-going Catholic who was adopted from a Catholic infant home in the inner city, raised by nuns first 4 months of my life, 
I'm a grateful lad -I know I'm blessed- who's always defended the Church and the papacy as I looked there for guidance -and who's primary personal heroes are Pope John Paul II and of course Reagan- I am deeply bewildered, disappointed, and disillusioned by the largely fact-free leftist political statements Pope Francis has made and continues to make.
Worse yet are his actions.

What Ted Cruz told Megan Kelly yesterday was that the MSM and progs are creating 'a false narrative' of some great divide between the (right wing of the) GOP and the Vatican that doesn't actually exist -and that they're making Obama and Francis appear to be a lot closer than they are
(for political purposes, what else). 

Perhaps he's got a point, the Texas senator and presidential candidate noted that the Pope still defends life, marriage, etc. And it's cool for Ted Cruz to focus on positive common ground, and show so much respect, especially considering he's not even Catholic.

But the divide is plenty real, at least at my house it is: the thing is that if I look to the Pope as I search for ultimate truth as well as guidance, isn't credibility kind of important in someone you're looking to offer blind faith to 
(in seeking to live a righteous existence)? And I'm standing here, listening to him say things I know aren't true?

My default setting has always been to give the Holy See the benefit of the doubt -I knew their heart was in the right place, certainly- but this is the other problem with Francis, making apparent Argetina-style back room political deals -like ones involving so-called 'climate change', Cuba, immigration, etc- makes me question the totality of the Pope's good intentions: the Castros are Stalinist monsters, (2000+) political prisoners were never addressed in any kind of effective manner... but they're 
South American leftists, and that seems to be all Francis needed to hear.

And has he considered the counter-point to the left's globaloney fairy-tale? Why is that now a forgone conclusion -so much so it's even obvious to laymen, I guess- if there was no deal with the White House? Why is the Pope now involved with areas of expertise far outside his domain? Because his ideas were needed/valued? Or he's making use of his follower base in a three-way political deal with Obama and Havana?

Do we even need a Pope with a blatant political agenda of any sort, one who seems to prefer wheeling-and-dealing/swapping political favors to staking out some idealistic philosophical plane? For all his supposed humbleness,
FIAT 500, etc- 
I see a lot of showmanship there.

Cheap symbolism: motorcade uses 3% less fuel than Obama's does!

Even if his 'intentions' are better than I suppose -and I know he's a good man, I get it- Francis wants to truly help people, spread the faith, whatever- just because he doesn't know that open borders, socialism, and/or cap-n-trade won't help the world as a whole doesn't doesn't mean I'm going to somehow get dumber and join-right-in. 

My vote in America affects the entire world's well-being, and I only support practical solutions with at least some record of success- that would rule out all the socialism and green energy stuff Pope Francis seems to now be pushing.

American is the most generous and kind nation in the history of the planet... perhaps we should be praised instead of preached to, we get enough of that from Obama already. And once they've both wrecked us, who's going to be around to help people all over the world next time there's a disaster? Russians will probably just laugh at them.

I have lost my trust in this man -and that's what he is intellectually, just a man- who I can now hear with my own ears talking sheer and utter nonsense re. 'climate change', how capitalism is ruining everything- I simply find it impossible to develop a synthesized belief in what he says while Pope Francis continues to spew uniformed, uncritical drivel of this sort.

Does he possibly not realize that lively, free-market capitalism is the only force in world history that's ever lifted any masses out of poverty?
I honestly can't imagine such willful ignorance- perhaps he should ask
China about it.

If he's talking about major corporations, why doesn't Francis raise these issues with Obama? BHO knows all about them, seeing as how they form the base of his Mussolini-style crony capitalist system.

And Pope Francis also needs to learn that every entrepreneur or small business -the ones Reagan said create most all job growth- is NOT an anaconda, like back in corrupt, sleazy Argentina... South America is hardly a glistening showcase of how the free market system is supposed to work.

Besides palling up to the scum-of-the-Earth Castros, doesn't Obama's record bother him? Government paid abortion? Gay marriage? Aiding in the rise of an Iranian Shiite empire? Abandoning Christians in the Middle East entirely? 

Like Barry, the Pope's defense of Christians under siege has been
ineffective at best- neither of them seem to have accomplished a thing there.

You can say 'the Pope really thinks this' or that -and he can deny it all he wants himself- but the fact is Francis has unveiled a new, politicized Papacy promoting a nonsensical, leftist, antibusiness, 'green' agenda in a highly vocal manner... one he should never have stuck his beak in. It's not his job, and the man's not qualified to judge on matters of economics and weather patterns.

I'm sick of his defenders quoting him on select points, while a lot of the rest of what he's saying is ludicrous... 'the Church's Obama's actions have already spoken loud and clear.

Francis has now provided Obama and the Castro brothers all the smiling photo ops and useful sound bites they need, while both the US and Cuba continue on the most ungodly path possible, cult-of-personality socialist dictatorships where government-paid abortions are free- and where
Dear Leader is the only God that matters.

If Francis is somehow NOT a 'progressive' political liberal -as he and his defenders claim (and which I doubt greatly)- he will surely go down in history as a major 'useful idiot' for 21st-century socialism.

All I can hope for is an early retirement, like the one that they forced on Benedict in the left-wing coup that brought us all this.

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