29 September 2015

Here's What's Wrong with Dondi Marco Rubio

The unlikely election of Marco Rubio to the US Senate was an early TEA Party success story, and he really should have went on to bigger and better things. Sadly his slow, steady absorption into the corrupt Party establishment have made his name MUD in my eyes...

You know, this is a guy I could have supported all the way to the top- 
always loved these Reaganite Cubans down in Florida, seem to agree with them on most everything- those who've escaped the Castro's island gulag are the kind of people who truly understand what America's all about.

My own pet issue has long been foreign policy- Rubio was wrong on Libya, but for the most part he's not bad at all- esp regarding Russia and terrorism. In-general, he does respect and attempt to emulate Ronald Reagan's 
Peace-through-Strength policy... sure beats Rand Paul or some other kook.

And the guy is truly a gifted speaker- one of the very best. I never could get enthused about candidates who lack this ability, cooling me to those like Scott Walker and Ben Carson who simply aren't charismatic and/or convincing enough in their tone to beat the Dems. He comes across as sincere, too... 
Rubio's an 8-or-9 on this one.

Sen. Rubio also seems to grasp how Reagan made the economy boom- 
at least it sounds like it from what he says on the stump and talk shows. 
To this point, he still claims to oppose 'climate change' legislation, and is dependably anti-abortion.

I even was ready to forgive him -not that long ago- for co-authoring 
(and shilling for) the Gang of Eight immigration legislation- 
at least he got-out in time and said he regretted it. And I wanted to believe him when he said he made a mistake -have to respect a man that can do that- 
as his better qualities were so desirable.

But since then Rubio's stuck so much closer to Mitch McConnell than -say- the Ted Cruz wing in the US Senate, that's where he just loses me for good... even as a 3rd, 4th, or 5th choice. The man appears to have been completely 
co-opted by the rotten Gee-Oh-Pee Establishment.

After watching him cast the 60th-and-deciding vote on Obamatrade 
(a complex, secretive bill he appears to never have even read), all I can conclude is he's still allied with the RINO clique behind Gang o' 8, and they simply let him off the hook on that particular effort... probably because they didn't want to ruin their plans for Rubio as the new Republican (Establishment) savior in 2016. And he's still weak on immigration today, anyway.

Recall that once it looked like it would pass the Senate, even Mitch McConnell -who basically fathered Gang of Eight- didn't even (have to) vote for it himself, so he could go back to Kentucky and lay some jive on them all about how 'conservative' he is.

Senator Marco Rubio's obvious sellout to the GOPe stands as a microcosm of the new TEA Party Congress of 2010, which handed the gavel to John Boehner: they both moved slowly, steadily in the 'progressive' direction 
-doing deals with RINOs and the left- while showing nary a speck of gratitude for the Party base that put them there. 

At least Rubio pretends to still like us- but that's probably just because 
he wants something.

But there's plenty more reason for concern regarding this 
Dondi-faced little RINO and his current presidential ambitions:
  • The young Florida senator displays disturbing signs of budding financial corruption, and Rubio's personal finances offer additional cause for worry: his net worth is actually negative $400,000 because of his student loans, high-maintainence
    Dolphins cheerleader) wife, and a large mortgage
    on his Florida home- 
    the CIA wouldn't hire a guy like that. 
  • Rubio was once an enthusiastic bundler for John McCain in 2008, bringing-in between $50,000 and $100,000. His first political job was with the pathetic Dole campaign. FWIW, he endorsed the Huckster in 2008. Whatever experience might have been gained from these campaigns had nothing to do with winning.
  • He published a book in 2006 entitled '100 Innovative Ideas for Florida's Future' and worked to implement many of them as Florida state House Speaker... yet most of them seemed to inordinately benefit Rubio's friends, donors, and allies.
  • Some people were surprised when Mitt Romney didn't pick Rubio as running mate in 2012, but maybe he simply didn't like or trust him- Mitt's spokeswoman once called Rubio "a wheeling and dealing Miami lobbyist and politician, always trying to scam the system for his personal benefit."
And while bad taste isn't in-and-of-itself a crime, he also loves to talk about how he's a 'gangsta' rap fan- Marky-Marco's favorite is violent, criminal
(and now dead) street trash Tupac Shakur, who's lyrics were heavily influenced by his parents' experiences in the
Black Panther Party

Rubio: 'I think 2Pac’s lyrics were probably more insightful in my opinion...
with all apologies to the Biggie (Smalls) fans!'

Pray tell, what rhymes with 'kill whitey', Senator?