10 September 2015

Like Warsaw, Paris, or Prague in 1944-5, Conservatives Now Staging an Uprising
Ahead of Our Own (2016) Liberation

You can now see it with how we've got Boehner on the run, needing Democrats' votes to just to hold-on his speakership. How on Earth could he possibly retain any effective authority or ability to lead our party after we all just said we want nothing to do with this bozo? 

Maybe the Democrats will bail him out just to keep the GOP in a state disarray .. they'd own him more than ever -he'd effectively become a Democratic 'majority' leader in the House- and then they could all ram-through even more Obama lunacy.

At least it would be clear once-and-for-all that John Boehner is -and has been for some time- a traitor and the progs' 'boy', a servantile lickspittle serving the vile Obama regime's every whim. 

When he does bother to make conservative noises, he's such a crap actor, 
it's insulting... Boehner must think we're stupid (or blind).

This guy started his career as a nominal 'conservative', yet like Judge Roberts, Colin Powell, et. al., Boehner's actions throughout the dismal Obama era -supporting almost anything he does or says for five years- makes almost ZERO sense as compared to all the rest of his career up-to-this prior. To me, it's all inexplicable without using the word 'blackmail' or something along these lines. What's the White House/NSA possibly got on these people?

Thank God folks are waking-up in sufficient numbers to finally get at the throat of the loathsome ruling class than governs us. The long-supressed backlash is quickly approaching critical mass, you can feel a LOT more rage and energy -as well as a highly-motivating fear- in the people now as compared to 2014, 2012, or 2010. 

It's been an up-and-down battle for conservatives, but we haven't done that bad considering the entire left is against us, our own party's leadership is against us, all the MSM -and often Karl Rove's Fox- are against us, plus probably 80% of the internet is against us.

We're still standing- resisting, fighting, and coming back stronger each time. You're never defeated until you quit, you know.

Now the ill-advised Iran 'deal' has thankfully been tripped-up by the soaring oratory of Cruz, Trump, Palin, et. al. in the nation's capitol yesterday, it's clear to all that Boehner's lost any little speck of mojo he ever had, with Obama and Musty Mitch about the only residual friends. 

And say what you want about Trump, some guys just have all the luck, and he's one of them-- picking up on the immigration issue so forcefully and making it the centerpiece of his campaign right on the eve of this deeply unsettling surge of financial opportunists/ISIS militants out of the Muddled East is what you'd have to call 'good timing'. Hasn't hurt Ted Cruz one bit, either.

I think a lot of people have decided they just can't take another 500 days of this deranged Obama agenda, we don't want a nuclear Iran, we don't want a zillion more Muslims coming to America, we don't want to keep getting our ass kicked all over the globe, we don't want Obama wiping our nation's heroes' names from all the national monuments, and we don't want to give Hawaii back to the natives- or any other weird/reckless Obama schemes! We've had enough of all his rubbish, and we sure as HELL don't need the Republicans helping him with any of it.

Now is not the time to let up on our full-court-press on the
enemies of liberty- the more they get away with in Obama's lame-duck period only creates more work and expense for America when we have to fix/unwind it all later.

Boehner, McConnell, and Obama need to be chased, hounded, resisted,
and pressured in every imaginable way to put the brakes on any more insanity emanating from the wildly-careening-to-the-left, dangerous, nothing-to-lose White House over the next 17 months.

Like Mark Levin recently said: 

'Conservatives must become largest and most effective 
group of activists this world has EVER SEEN...' 

He's right, you know- best get on with it.

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