28 September 2015

Polish Town Erects Neon-Yellow
'Peeing Lenin' Anti-Communist Monument

A Polish town has recreated a communist-era statue of Vladimir Lenin as part of a new fountain, but with an unexpected twist:
the Soviet leader is peeing.

The industrial town of Nowa Huta was founded by post-war communist leaders who hoped the city would become a socialist stronghold to counteract Krakow. City workers, however, had political ideas of their own, and once tried to explode a prominently displayed and dramatically imperious statue of Lenin, which was taken down after the fall of the USSR in 1989.

The new Lenin statue, which is a tinted a radioactive hue of yellow-green, has been installed as part of a local art festival, and is called Fountain of the Future. The water feature is designed to make it look as though the communist leader is relieving himself...

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