19 September 2015

Recommended Saturday Reading for
Normal, Non-Weird Americans:

IN HIS OWN WORDS: 20 Quotes by Barack Obama on Islam  -Doug Ross

Trump, Bush, Cruz and Me  -Doug Ross

The '#IStandWithAhmed' Islamophobia Hoax  -Black & Right 

Hey Megyn Kelly – even Obama is confused on his faith!  -iOTW Report 

You will be in compliance with correct thought 
or you will be terminated  -iOTW Report 

Warmists Call For RICO Investigation Of Skeptics In Letter 
To Obama And Attorney General  -Pirate's Cove

Dems Don’t Want To Watch Planned Parenthood 
Videos In House Hearing -Pirate's Cove

Muslims Hold Holy Islamic Prayer Vigil for 
Ahmed 'Suitcase Clock' Mohammed at School  -Gateway Pundit 

208th Blogging Magazine  -GoodStuff

Fun Facts From Dr. Wood  -Woodsterman

The Notorious B.U.S.H.  -Proof Positive

Clinton Fundraisers Freaking Out Over Grandma’s 

Email Scandal, Panicked Over Benghazi Hearing   -Jammie Wearing Fools

Marc Lasry -Russian mobster- to hold fundraiser 
for Hillary Clinton  -Fire Andrea Mitchell

Communist Motive for JFK’s Assassination Confirmed  -Moonbattery

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