12 September 2015

Right-Wing Extremists!

41 Traitors  -Doug Ross

When the first Iranian terror strike occurs, 
both of these traitors better run for the hills...  -Doug Ross

'Conservation Conservatives'  -Black & Right

“I think they are panicking”  -iOTW Report

Muslim Gets His Ass Beat For Threatening 
Prisoner Who Wouldn’t Convert  -iOTW Report

Climate change: Seven indisputable facts  -Pirate's Cove

Funny Story Of Day: Obama Wags Finger At Putin, 
Warns Against Russian Involvement In Syria  -Pirate's Cove

OUCH! Trump to Bobby Jindal: “I Only Respond to People 
That Register More Than 1% in the Polls” -Gateway Pundit

Blogging Magazine #207  -GoodStuff

Friday Fun Stuff  -Woodsterman

In Memoriam: Sandra W. Bradshaw, 
Killed Sept. 11, 2001  -Proof Positive

TRUMP: I’ll Have All Illegals Gone in 2 Years
 -TEA Party Command Center

Visualizing China's Mind-Boggling Consumption 
Of The World's Raw Materials -ZeroHedge

Reaching Out to Muslims and Their Liberal Allies 
on September 11 -Moonbattery

With Muslims masses comes mayhem in Germany  -American Thinker

Sometimes God Sends a Message...  The Telegraph (UK)

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