09 September 2015

Trump's Comb-Over? There are Worse!

Actually, Trump's comb-over is a wonder of hairdo technology- 
a complex, lattice-like affair involving advanced design/materials consisting of multiple alternate layers of hair planks and lacquer... kind of like how they make a fiberglass boat,  no wonder it's durability is legendary. 

Hey, the guy builds skyscrapers for a living-- probably had one of his engineers do the CAD/CAM model so they could test the structural rigidity:

Basically, he's just trying to maintain the same hairstyle he sported from the 1980s (most people stick with a certain look after some point) back when
The Donald still had a more full head of hair. And as a guy starting to thin a bit myself, I can sympathize-- you just keep wondering at what point you'll 'declare bankruptcy' and shave it all off.

But while Trump clearly isn't ready to throw-in-the-towel yet -and neither am I- as far as combovers go, his is actually downright respectable...

For Giuliani, The Struggle was always real...

Comb-over... or swirly?


Oh, my

just a bit too cute


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