03 September 2015

Why Isn't Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE,
China, or Russia Taking Any of the Refugees?

Why aren't any of the current migrant surge going to Russia and China instead of just the EU? Or any migrant surge?

Don't the Russians have huge, sparsely-populated territories dotted with ghost towns in Siberia? Don't the Chinese have dozens of newly-constructed, completely unpopulated cities with 65M homes sitting empty?

Ban Ki-Moon down at the UN thinks it's so damn important that Europe save/support/welcome the refugees. So how many migrants have been invited to come live in his South Korea? They seem to be doing pretty well these days, what with Europe and the US buying so much of their stuff-

What about Iran? Don't they style themselves as emerging 'leaders' in the Middle East? Don't they owe us for making them a nuclear power?

What about Turkey, they still seem to think they're big shots in the Muslim world- and they're right next-door.

Why are hyper-wealthy Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Quatar, Kuwait, and the UAE not welcoming the migrants with open arms? Don't all these nations regularly import low-skilled workers from the Philippines and Africa? 

Is anybody from the UN asking them? Or is everybody on all sides happy enough with Merkel and others' misguided gamble in allowing a Middle-Eastern immigration bomb to drop on her diminutive country
(while leaning on other European states to do the same)? 

It won't take very long for Europe's economy and society to be turned upside-down by this ill-conceived move, just a generation from now when each of these invaders immediately creates a huge family while ethnic Germans have 1.2 kids/couple... what the hell is she thinking, enough with the Nazi-guilt already.

I myself was traveling across Germany by car this summer, and Autobahn rest stops had plenty of rented cars/minivans full of Muslims with 5-7 kids, one even double-parking me (don't they know there are rrrrules in Cherrrmany!).
It was a totally different world than even just a couple years ago. I had no idea where they all came from, but none were what you'd describe as 'hard up'.

Other migrants seen swarming onto trains in Hungary and elsewhere lately appear well-dressed, well-fed, healthy, and strong, sporting colorful backpacks, some with iPhones even, not exactly a starving horde.

And the vast majority in Budapest appear to be young, fit men- there are few war victim types among them, what we're talking here is economic migrants who found a new excuse to get into the EU. They're making that long-awaited move now because they're basically being invited there by fools like
Angela Merkel- there's really no reason for the rush whatsoever, save momentum and a sort of contagious opportunism.

So now that toddlers are washing up on the shore, you can directly blame MERKEL for that, her policy has been insanely reckless. And speaking of 'reckless', it's a safe bet this latest bunch of arrivals is peppered with ISIS scum too, ensuring a future wave of terror right in the heart of Europe. 

Angie seems to think she's going to strong-arm all the countries in the EU into taking boatloads of these people, but that's probably not going to happen, and absorbing SO many extremely-difficult-to-assimilate-into-the-German-labor-market immigrants is a mistake most sane Germans will come to regret.

But once again, just assuming for a minute there is a legitimate need/humanitarian crisis- aren't Saudi Arabia and other wealthy M.E. countries a lot closer to Syria than Berlin?  What about Muslim unity?

Or maybe everybody throughout the Muslim world knows the end result of continued flooding of the West with Islamic immigrants and quietly nod in approval at the dispatching of uneducated, low-skilled workers their societies can't seem to put to good use. 

They know these people now become the West's problem, plus financial remissions will come flowing back to the Middle East -ala Mexico- their 'culture' and influence expands in the West, promoting Islamic interests while seeking to gain advantage at every turn. In short, a quiet invasion on all imaginable fronts (including your daughter, if given the chance).

You can bet that Moscow and Beijing know all that too-- thus, they won't be touching any of these immigrants with a barge pole.

And if you think a majority of Europeans are for all of this still, that is extremely doubtful, as the supposed 'far-right' anti-immigration parties of Europe have already moved from fringe, 5% specks in parliament to the leading party today in France, SwitzerlandAustria, and the Netherlands. - while fast on the rise in some other places, too.

But you never hear about that on the US evening news, do you-