10 October 2015

Bavaria's Horst Seehofer is the One
Who Ought to Be Running Germany...

After inviting Orban to Munich and watching Ma Merkel flip-out, 
the Bavarians are DEMANDING she put a lid on this insanity...


Bavaria's conservative state government threatened Friday to take Chancellor Angela Merkel to court unless she halts a mass inflow of migrants.

State Premier Horst Seehofer demanded she ship migrants back to Greece, their country of first landfall in the European Union, and set up detention and repatriation centres at the German border.

He said if she failed to act, Bavaria would take a case to the German Federal Constitutional Court, accusing her of infringing on the rights of the 16 German states, but he set no deadline.

German society has been deeply divided since Merkel opened the country's borders on September 5 to avert a humanitarian crisis, after tens of thousands of migrants had arrived via Greece and accumulated at an overwhelmed train station in Budapest, Hungary.

An influential poll on Friday showed only 45 per cent of Germans now believe Germany can cope with and absorb all the new arrivals...