29 October 2015

Happy-Warrior Cruz CRUSHED It Last Night...

First thing everybody's talking about is how Cruz put a snarky CNBC drone against the wall and schooled his punk ass. Pollster Frank Luntz claimed Cruz's lightning counter-attack on snotty, effeminate hack Carl Quintanilla 
(and MSM liberal bias in presidential primary debates in-general) scored 
a stunning 98%... 'That's the highest score we've ever measured. EVER'... 

Hannity remarked in his post-game wrap-up that Cruz's retort 
'changed the trajectory of the entire debate'.

Furthermore, Senator Cruz -despite suffering from an apparent dry throat- got through the CNBC smokescreen impressively well, getting more time and appearing sharper in illustrating his arguments than in previous debates. They still tried to limit/control/interrupt him -as even Fox did- yet Ted Cruz made his points -clearly- by sheer force of will, refusing to take the moderators' foul bait, answer their loaded questions, or play their game. 

Another issue of bias not mentioned by the Texas senator might be how the MSM, Fox, RINOs, and the entire American left all tell you how 'unlikable', difficult, unpopular, etc. Ted Cruz supposedly is... but I ask you, does the guy you saw on that debate stage last night seem anything like the disagreeable jerk they've been talking about? 

Of course not, 'he' doesn't exist -never did- they just made it up, backed by a few anonymous quotes from disgruntled RINOs they found shuffling around some back corridor of the Senate.

Cruz's sense of humor, timing, and delivery was spectacular in the third GOP debate, if you ask me... VERY Gipper-esque. The lines about moderator bias
-and pot brownies- had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Truth is, Cruz is every bit the 'happy warrior' Ronald Reagan ever was- 
you never see him truly flustered, yet he's out there fighting -with a smile- every day. As was the case with Reagan -and like all real Americans
it's obvious that Ted Cruz loves what Gen. Patton referred to as
'the sting of battle'.

We saw that last night as the Texas senator didn't just put a dishonest MSM on notice, he fully utilized every opportunity presented to tell people exactly what it is he's fighting for- and just how that would translate into a Cruz presidency- I felt good about this one, and apparently I'm not the only one.

I would also suggest that the fears of those suppressing Cruz to this point have already been proven to be valid- he got a little bit of debate time for once -did great- and now he's sure to enjoy a bit of a bump... this is the
Senator Ted Cruz they've been attempting to hide from you.

Can you imagine a new Cruz Administration being sworn-in less than fifteen months from today? Oh happy day...

h/t (meme) FReeper CrippleCreek