20 October 2015

So Dubya Turned Out to be an Idiot After All-
I Guess The Libs Were Right

Sorry I ever defended him and his corrupt clan...

Apparently the Bushes are in the same boat as the Clintons now, where they're SO deeply indebted to various donors they're not able to retire 
-even if they wanted to- then ride quietly off into the sunset just because the voters want nothing to do with them... 

These two boundlessly-greedy political dynasties will never go away unless shoved off the cliff- as this country is presently fixin to do.

Perhaps Dubya was hoping a Jeb! administration could salvage his own legacy, just like GWB himself aspired to finish his father's unfinished chores in Iraq and settle accounts in the Muddled East.

But for George W Bush to keep his mouth shut for over seven years while Obama tore this country to the ground, gutted the military, and turned us all against each-other (pretending to take the high road, when he actually seemed to just acquiesce to it all like Judge Roberts)...  
and NOW he's going to suddenly man-up and go after Ted Cruz?  

W was quoted as saying 'I just don't like the guy' at a recent fundraiser... WTF kind of infantile argument is that? 

Most intellectually-honest people find Cruz to be a charming,
highly-intelligent gentleman... perhaps it's the 'principled' part that rubs Bush the wrong way... or maybe it's the 'intelligent' he just can't (possibly) relate to.

Surely GWB is plenty frustrated since Trump leads all polls while humiliating Jeb!, Dubya, and Pops on a daily basis... and Cruz is running circles-around Jeb! in fundraising, appeal to the base, or what have you.

Now you see W lashing-out -like a LOSER- because the Bush 'team' are getting their asses kicked all-up-and-down-the-field. Well pardon my lack of professionalism but HA HA HA HA HA.

The voters have already made it abundantly clear via polls that the prospect of another Bush presidency is about as popular as the Bubonic Plague. 

Bad-mouthing the guys that are beating you -while 97% of the country thoroughly rejects what you've got on offer- reeks of loser... 
which is all that Jeb! -and George W Bush- have turned out to be.

As for W's tattered legacy, I still don't think going to Iraq was the worst thing he ever did... initial occupation was bungled, but he won in the end. Obama's the one who recklessly abandoned all gains there in what the US military still unofficially refers to as 'The Great Bug Out'. 

But it's all the rest with George W Bush I got a problem with: spending way too much money, expanding government, setting-up the coming Obama regime with a powerful presidency and domestic spying apparatus... then mismanaging/damaging the GOP brand so deeply that's it's become an
all-but-irrelevant 'force' in US politics for almost a decade now. 

We conservatives could do little but sit-back and watch Obama's
ongoing date-rape of this country proceed utterly undeterred by Republicans ashamed to be Republicans -because the long shadow of 8 years of Bush incompetence completely demoralized them. 

Despite a massive TEA Party resistance movement that provided Republicans a congressional majority -and a reason for being- we've still just been
limping-along with a rudderless GOP leadership that never seemed to have any idea how to emerge from the ashes of the failed Bush presidency.

So as patriots now still attempt to pull the Republican Party out of the deep, muddy ditch W drove us in-to, we really don't need this failed, irrelevant bozo bad-mouthing far better men than himself, those who WE THE PEOPLE now choose to lead us.

George W Bush is a corrupt GOPe tool who left the Republican Party in ruins... his legacy will be one of a LOSER, little better than Jimmy Carter.
And conservatives sure won't be working to burnish his record now that he's made the indelible point 'he ain't one of us'.

I don't care how many returning troops he meets at the airport, screw
George W Bush and the whole rotten Bush family
PLEASE go-away Dubya, Jeb!, and all the rest of you... and don't forget to take your scumbag Architect with you.