06 October 2015

Ugliest Cars Ever Made:

You thought I was lazy and was going to just come on here
and trash AMC Gremlin and Pontiac Aztec? Too obvious!

Industrial-Strength UGLY

Don't know what it is- don't think I want to know

Pummeled with ugly stick

DeSoto: they couldn't let it die with dignity

Fugly- but I like it

Not sure who to blame for this one

The epitome of elegance

I hate these things

Lancia commissioned famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy
(Coke bottle, JFK stamp, Studebaker Avanti) here...
hope they didn't pay him too much

1961 Citroen Ami looks like a Mercury that was forgotten in the dryer

The other end was no better

At least they had a sense of humor

Aurora 'Safety Car' of the 1950s

CAR Magazine (UK) once said the Ssangyong Rodius 'looks like 
it was designed over the telephone... and the guy let his dog help'

Jeremy Clarkson described Ford Scorpio as a 'wide-mouthed frog'

I remember these: hard-on-the-eyes Datsun F-10 (1977)

Datsun 200SX just as bad or worse

This guy actually deserves some sort of award

You don't have to like it- but you will respect it!

Czech Tatra 603 looks like it came from Mars

Lena Dunham's ride?

Note: I chose not to pile-on Edsel, and left out Russian cars- 
they're in another league entirely

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